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    How to prepare for board exam 2017?

    Discuss about how to prepare for Board Exams 2017???????
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    Every student has his own way of approach to studies and that is the reason being so any suggestion or tips in this matter wont augur well. But what I feel that nothing is better than preparing step by step from the beginning academic year and one should not wait up to the declaration of date of the exam and then prepare. If you are attentive in class, take notes given by the teacher or lecturer. That will serve as the tool to understand the portion studies at home as every teacher would give the examples to main portion and thus those who are attentive in class and regular with notes are the winners here. Moreover never by-heart or mug up the portions and try to memorize it. That is dangerous practice as often I found that the student fumbles and fails at the exam hall when they forget even one line through mug up practices. So prepare slowly and steadily and try to remember importance points which can be elaborated at the exam hall.
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    Preparation for examination is not a one day affair, it is a continuous process and students having sustained studies only can achieve good results. The last minute cramming and burning the midnight oil is not going to help.
    So there is still much time left and one can prepare quick notes for remembering the main points in the answer. Please try to understand that selective reading is very risky if one is really interested in scoring high marks. The syllabus is to be covered as much as possible. There are now a days various keys and guide books available in the market claiming that by reading them success would be achieved. It is not so. They all are based on guesswork.
    You can go through them only to find out that whether you have covered those things in your preparation.

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    My younger brother is appearing for exams this March, and I only advise him, that at this phase, revision and solving sample paper is the key. By solving frequent samples and last year papers, it will be easy for him to understand the importance of few topics, which are too frequent to be asked in exams.
    Also, solving papers will ease the pressure of exams and one will feel the actual exams as one of the sample paper.
    Try to revise, solve, find weak areas, revise that topic quickly, and repeat.
    What you will get is not in your hands, but your job is to prepare well so that it is not a regret later on.

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    Board Exams are going to kick-start very soon from the end of next month. Most of the students are busy now a days in giving final touch to their year long preparation. Now a days, scoring 90+ marks in board subjects has become an easy task for everyone. Solving previous year question papers of at least 10 years can make you self-sufficient to answer any kind of question asked in Board Exam. You must tick mark the questions which you think are important for exam aspect, so that you could brush up just before exam. If you have enough time to prepare, then you must make your own notes which could be easier for you to understand particular topic.
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    Preparation for examination requires a long time strategy as last minute preparations will lead to confusions and failures. Until unless one has gone through the whole syllabus it is very difficult to comprehend what the question paper is going to be like.
    Students who start early in the year and try not only to cover the syllabus but also repeat the tough chapters few times, get the desired success in examination.
    After completing the syllabus one must attempt to solve the previous years question paper to check ones performance. One must practice for solving the questions in less time which will help immensely as limited time is given in the exam.

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