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    Do the people with corrupt mindset generally wish for a government job?

    I had a glance of the article from one of the leading newspapers dated a couple of years back. It had stated that government job attracts corrupt youngsters like a magnet. I have frequently heard people saying, once I get the job the life will be set because the perks under the table are very much. Many highly studied graduate tend to apply for government jobs below their qualifications just to have some security plus cherries on the cake. They like the idea of not getting disbarred from the job in general and could enjoy some outer refreshments. The research done on this subject is really extensive, but the main point is highlighted about the prevailing mindset among many. Do comment.
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    I wont agree with the author nor the news article which stated that corrupt mindset people are lured to the government job. No what I feel that the job security is the main reason which attracts the youth to the government jobs. In private companies, there may not be job security unless and until you are great and superior than previous or present employees and that way you are treated and cared. Moreover leisure is available and one can go late to the office and leave early to home. All these taunts add pep to have the government jobs. But now a days government departments have also become strict. One of my neighbor is the government employee and he used to leave at 10,30 from home and reach back by 4,00 pm itself. Now the department has installed the digital attendance register with thumb recognition . So no fooling even in government jobs.
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    I think that would be too harsh statement to make that. People who want to take bribe join government. If this were to be true, there would be no worldcom and enron in the world. But yes, to some extent you could be onto something.

    In reality people who join the government job, want laid back lifestyle. They want to settle earlier before 30s in their life. They want to have family and steady stream of income. This type of lifestyle is possible with government job. In case of non IT industries its hard to find steady income and early settling in job and life. So you may find that people struggle and work hard to get into government job.

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