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    The Illusion of a Flickering Lamp

    [This story wins the second prize for the creative writing contest 'Me, a lamp']

    Word: Beware :: Synonym: Be Careful

    Be Careful!!! A crazy woman has been reported missing from the mental asylum. This was the Breaking News being flashed on the television. The doctors reported the crazy woman to be very dangerous. She has killed a dozen lives before she had been caught and was sent to the mental asylum. The news reporter suggested the nearby residents to lock their doors and windows and don't open it to strangers. On the most, they said that the crazy woman was infatuated with flickering lights.

    Now, there was a lady who lived near the mental asylum. That night, she was watching TV at home and was waiting for a phone call from her brother. He was flying into town to meet her. It was a very stormy night and raining heavily. She was much terrified with the news bulletin that has just been flashed.

    Soon, the lady got distracted by the sudden phone call by her neighbor from across the street. He told her that the lamp upstairs in her bedroom window is continously flickering on and off. The lady thanked him for informing and hung up the phone.

    She thought it to be a faulty electrical problem, but then she decided to go upstairs and check. In the poorly lit corridor, through the cracks under the door, she found the bedroom lamp to be continuously flickering. She opened the door carefully and found the room to be empty. The fan in the room was blowing a hanging coat which was hitting the light switches on and off and that probably was the cause of flickering lamp. Comforted by this, the lady turned off the fan and went downstairs.

    A few minutes later, there was a knock on her door. It was her neighbor again. He informed her that the upstairs lamp is still flickering on and off, but this time from a different window. Together, they went upstairs to check and found the room to be empty. The lamp was off. Her neighbor stepped into the room and began switching the lamp switches on and off to check is the lamp working alright.

    At this point, the lady made out that her neighbor must be imagining things by the sudden news of the escaped crazy woman. So, she thanked and then guided him downstairs. The phone again started ringing. This time it was her brother who called her to inform that he has reached the airport.

    "You don't need to pick me up", he said. "I'm getting a taxi and will be there in half an hour". Then, at the same time, she heard a hoarse female voice saying "I'll be there soon." With this voice, all the lamps in the house started flickering on and off…..

    This is a creative contest entry to:Me a lamp Part 3 write a creative story and win cash awards
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    Wow the illusion of flickering lamp has been well narrated and I was treated like watching a television serial with serious scenes being told and that was well imagined.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A nice piece of prose. The reader is mesmerized with narration and feeling as it is happening on a stage in front of us. Our mind is what we feel and think and many times we are confused and in that dizziness see the things different than what they are. These are often Psychological disorders under which illusion, delusion, hallucination and other conditions emerge out and manifest in various ways.
    Knowledge is power.

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