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    Who will go to win in UP elections?

    As it seems for Narendra Modi do or die situation as the UP elections are litmus test for his governance at the center even though it is a state election's but there are several crucial decisions taken at the center so most of the political analysts think that UP elections are crucial for BJP and Modi's fate.Does Modi will win this test?Can B.J.P come to power in UP assembly elections?As Times now speculation is BJP will win 200+ seats in Assembly elections.Why not BSP can join with SP+Congress alliance to stop BJP to come to power.Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    For the first time the UP elections are going to be very Interesting because this is being held after demonetization and after the presentation of Union budget. But what I feel that BJP has the edge over other parties because the Samajwadi under Akhilesh sect has done a wrong thing having gone with alliance of Congress. On its own Akhilesh has the strength to cast a spell, by joining with Congress he missed the bus. Adding fuel to it, his father Mulayam is not happy with alliance and gone on the record that he wont campaign for the party. And coming to Mayawathi BSP party, we know very recently there was arrest in that party over possession of crores of currency notes. The corrupt BSP is not having any credential with UP voters. And AAP is no significance there. Therefore the BJP has the chance to win hands down with nice tag line Uttar Pradesh to Uttam Pradesh.
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    U.P elections were always a major happening in country. As it covers major North part of country and affects central government and central politics too.
    There is no clear picture who is going to win but there are higher chancer that SP and Congress union will come with major number of votes. Demonetization is not the real key factor there, caste, region, religion plays a big role there. And then major key is "dabangai". Who can make more people fear of them. SP is almost clear winner in this. Congress will get no benefit.

    Chitra Rana

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    UP Elections is becoming a matter of discussion these days. Recently, Akhilesh has joined with Congress's Rahul Gandhi which has led to rise in conflicts between Mulayam and Akhilesh. Akhilesh was running right on his way, he had completed many projects within time. People also loved him for his outstanding works. But after joining with Congress, the corrupted party now people are losing faith in SP as well. BJP will be having huge edge in this UP elections.
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    SP and Congress alliance have brighter chances than BJP and BSP. I don't think SP will get majority on its own and we can't rule out possibility of SP + Congress coalition government

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