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    Is the money only thing in life ?

    In today's materialistic world money appears to be the most dominating thing and some people believe that it is the only thing in life and nothing else matters. On the contrary there are people who feel that money is important but not everything.
    People are donating money to the poor fellows or charitable societies just to help the needy and at the same time there are elements in society who do not hesitate to go for any short of crime to get money.
    Let us share our views on this and gather the opinion of members to understand the issue in detail.
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    Even for the honest and straight forward man, the need for money is there and there is no denial about that. Some are earning money for the survival, some are earning money to as a hobby, some are earning money for others. While many of us are salaried class who struggling with daily life and our only earnings are through salary which may be self sufficient and some times short too. The second kind of people are those who are already well off in their life but still want to earn just as the hobby so that they spend lavishly on modern trends and fashion. These are the people who cause untold hardships and cause concern to the common earning public. The last lot are the people who earn money for others. I have seen some people who work and the salary is donated to a orphan or the society to their betterment but such kind of people are rare and they are really great.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Oh Mohan ! you are always the early bird in responding.
    I agree with your concise and full of content remark and want to add that money is a thing which can help the poor and needy and at the same time if it goes in bad hands it can create all sort of evils.
    Everyone in this country has witnessed the nexus between high echelons of society and the underground world. It is the evil shape of money.
    In my view spending money recklessly and without thought is not a proper thing even a person has big amounts of it.
    There are some billionaires in the world whose life style is just like that of a simple person. In pursuit of real contentment and happiness they have detached their lust from money.
    Anyway again thanks for giving me so much information in nutshell.

    Knowledge is power.

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