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    Which is money saving method for Adsense payment?

    Wanted to check the money saving methods for Adsense payment which can charge less conversion charge. Also currently how much ICICI charge for Adsense money payment? What precautions need to take care while entering wire transfer payment method? I am expecting recent payment experience of earners.
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    Open account in another bank if you want to save money on remittance charges. ICICI is known to take some transaction fees when the adsense sends USD to your bank account. And that amount is lot larger than the other banks in India.

    Earlier Google adsense used to send cheque which was horribly painful. Now for Indians they have option of bank transfer. And if you want to reduce the pains of going to bank and deposit cheque, then connect your bank account to google adsense.

    I have connected mine with Kotak and my friend has connected it with SBI. When the payout is received one has to notify the bank for purpose of remittance. Once that part is taken care of you'd get the transaction money converted into your account. Avoid banks which gives less remittance conversion amount. That being said, experiment with your local branch, if the people are friendly then whichever bank you choose will do the rest. Make one template for explaining the purpose of remittance and print it out every-time they ask you when the payment arrives in account.

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    It probably depends on the branch but I never had to tell anything to the bank officials to receive the payment. I have received payments in SBI as well as Andhra Bank. SBI charges are quite nominal, around Rs. 60-70 in total which includes the transaction charges as well as the service charge.
    Andhra Bank is quite bad for receiving foreign remittance since it blindly charges around Rs.500 for each transaction.

    You will have to receive one payment and see how much charges they deduct or you can go to the branch or probably better call the customer care to get information about the charges.

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    HDFC Bank = Totally RS 36.25 is charged for every Adsense payment. If Adsense sends the payment on 21st of the month then the HDFC bank transfers the amount into the bank account in between 24th to 30th of the month. [My HDFC bank account type: I have to maintain 5000 for overall the month, SMS charges 17.25 for once a year I guess]

    I have SBI account too but I'm not receiving payment on it, so I don't know. [No minimum balance limitation, ATM or SMS Charges applicable]

    Interested to know how other banks charges...

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    @Mahesh - do we need to tell bank about remit or incoming transaction? I thought only putting bank details in adsense should be enough to get payment. There are lot of people remit to Indian banks without informing bank with some remit charges. is it really necessary ?
    Again does anyone have had experience with ICICI?

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    Purpose of remittance is something some banks ask you. If you filed that form once then they should not ask you that. But Kotak asks me for remittance purpose every month or whenever I get any money through remittance. Some banks may not ask you for that. So if in case your branch doesn't ask for that, then good. If they do ask, then keep such template handy where you can explain the purpose of remittance and the code.

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    So far for what ever adsense payments I got, the charges levied by my bankers were very nominal and that could be understood and that was long before. Now one more adsense payment is ready to be matured. I am also interested to know how much will be charged for realizing the payment.
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    I do not think they charge anything. As Google does not send money from USA, My brother account was having 6800 Rupees last month and He got the whole money in his bank, and that money come from CITI bank Mumbai branch.
    Bank ask normally for any Foreign transactions , as per FEMA act, customer should inform bank for what reason he receiving the fund.

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    Make sense Swagatika. Is that ok if we wait for bank to contact us? Is it required to tell bank proactively. Fund transfer should not go on hold. I am waiting someone to share ICICI experience. Till now I am seeing all other equal major bank reply but not ICICI. Curious to know now if ICICI gives any trouble.
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    Here is an experience of a major blogger of receiving AdSense payment in ICICI

    I think it is safe to say that adding your ICICI bank details in your AdSense account would be sufficient. No need to go to the bank. If anything, they will call you, no need to give any extra effort.

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    Not sure which bank gives more saving because it all depends on remit rate for Dollar to INR. ICICI pay you only USD96.55 per $100 . Assuming they deduct 230 Rs as transaction or remit charges.
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    Hey Ankit,

    I got my payment in SBI bank account,

    Surprisingly when I checked my bank statement, I noticed that I received the amount lesser by $6 than which Google AdSense paid me and then bank deducted the Forex service charge of Rs.71 and commission Rs. 50.

    when i contact them, they didn't know about 6$ extra deductions.
    Is this normal or please help me how to corrct this.

    @Ankit Are you using swift code of same branch, in which you have your SBI account ?

    Because i am using different branch swift code my branch does not have one.

    Waiting for response.

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    I received the full amount only, no deduction whatsoever. I had to receive $102.5, the whole amount up to the decimal places was received in my bank account.
    Also, the charges seem a little high for you. For me the charges were:
    Forex Txn Commission - Rs.50
    Forex Txn Service - Rs.37.50

    My bank branch doesn't have SWIFT code so I used the SWIFT code of the nearest branch.
    This might be helpful to answer your question regarding the deduction, though:!topic/adsense/rujhGxrpIlI

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    I don't know why this is happening.

    1- What swift code you used or name the branch ?
    2- Are you using current bank account or savings account ?

    Thanks for reply

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    My account is in Faridabad, so I am using the SWIFT code: SBININBB381
    I am using a savings account.

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    1- Is these deductions happen when you receive more than 500$ or more than 1000$ ?

    2- Have you ever used any other swift code like SBININBBFXD, and deductions occur ?

    3- From which country your payment is issued, in my case it is SINGAPORE ? I think this is cause of deductions, because of some intermediate foreign banks?


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    1. Yes, the deductions can depend on the amount that is received but that should happen on the Commission part and not on the total amount.
    2. No, I have never used any other SWIFT code but that should not make any difference is the amount getting deducted.
    3. For all Indian AdSense payments, the payment is issued from Singapore only. For SBI, if there were some intermediary charges, it would have been there for me too.

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    okk thanks

    I will call SBI officials for this issue, as my branch manager knows nothing about this.

    My exchange rate was 66.18, is that same you got from your transaction.

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    can u send me screenshot of your bank statement and receipt of google adsense payment, so I can show them,

    You can blurr all personal parts.

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    This month I haven't got a payment, I received it the last month.
    Will email you the screenshots.

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    State bank of india is best. fees are lessar compared to another bank. it credits payment in one to two days but another bank is credit in 10-20 days.

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    @himanshu chouhan

    how much exchange rate you got this month through sbi

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    The transfer charges diffes from bank to bank. Adsense send payments in US ($) dollars and they can be responsible for any transaction and conversion charges. The banks charges for both because they convert the currency and credit the amount to your account.

    All bank charges but SBI is making more fees than other banks.

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