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    The miraculous lamp- My creation

    Work 'Miracles', synonym- 'remarkable'

    Teacher said, "You have made remarkable performance this time." I was smiling remembering of the night before my exam. It was my miraculous lamp which made me able to perform well.
    It was Sunday night and I was busy preparing for my Mathematics examination. I am from small town where no good school available so my father enrolled me in a good school in nearby area and I am staying as a Paying Guest. Being a weekend my other fellows were at their homes but I preferred to stay there for preparations.
    That day, I did not even bother to prepare my dinner and ate 4 slices of bread just to save my time. It was around 9:00PM when I heard a banging noise and the power got cut. I immediately ran outside to get an idea about what happened. After some time all the neighbors were out. It was the problem with the Transformer of our area.
    Being Sunday night, there was no option to get the power back other than to wait for Monday morning and even that option was not available for me as I was having exam next day.
    I was in tension so I immediately called up my Mother- my life line. After listening to my story, she suggested asking for help from neighbors and I followed but could not get any output. Most of the families were having single lamp and they were using it for their own.
    Finally I came back to my place and searched for a small torch-key chain which my friend has gifted me. I tried to study in that light but it was too dim to study. I called my friends from my PG if any one of them has kept any candle of lamp here. Savita said that she has a single candle in her drawer. I took a sigh of relief. At least I got a solution for a while. I lit up the candle but it invited many small creatures around, falling on my books, my hands. I also noticed that the candle was getting shorter which again increased the level of adrenaline in my body. I was thinking for some better solution now.
    Then I took a small bowl and paced my candle in it. After lighting the candle, I filled the bowl with water. This is an experiment we did at primary level. The water reduced the melting of candle and the candle light in such way can work for longer. Then I needed another solution for all the small creatures. For that I got a big size glass jar and placed it upside down on four blocks in such a way that the burning candle can be covered from surrounding but can get sufficient oxygen for continuous burning.
    It was my creative lamp. I studied till 3.00AM that day and perform well in my Mathematics exam.

    This is my entry for Me, a lamp......Part 3 contest
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    An image is attached here for the reference- How my creative lamp looked like!
    I am not good in using MS paints :)


    Living & Learning- simultaneous processes!

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    Creative in more simpler way! I liked the simplicity of story and idea.
    I guess you had to use that synonym in first sentence.

    Chitra Rana

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    Thanks Chitra.
    It was a little miss from my side. I used the different synonym in story and mentioned the other one.
    Now corrected.
    Thanks again!


    Living & Learning- simultaneous processes!

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