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    You think it's red lamp?

    [Brightness synonym used : light]

    Shiny light appears on my face. I don't know If I can take this morning light these days. It just pains to be in it. I am not sure why I hate it but it's just gets on my nerves. I don't know how people these days can enjoy early sunny morning like this.

    I decided to come out of my room to get the outside view. I looked out and I found the beach with never ending sea in front.

    I am surprised to see priya near the rocks. I decided to talk to her. I am not sure she's in mood for that. But it doesn't hurt to ask right?

    I took few steps towards the rock. She noticed someone is coming towards her.

    I found ocean a lot silent than the yesterday morning. I looked at the lighthouse, it's red lamp was shining lot brighter today. I am not sure she paid attention to that part. Instead she was just staring at me. I don't know if that was good or bad. But it just made me lot nervous.

    "If I remember you were not the beach loving person" said priya.

    I just got my attention away from the lighthouse.

    I looked at her face and said, "I always loved wandering into woods".

    "If ocean makes you uncomfortable, what brought you here?". Priya has this puzzling look on her face.

    "I don't know I just wanted to accept everything around. So I started from here". I bluntly said without holding much back.

    She looked at me and gave faint smile. And then she looked at the lighthouse. I noticed that lighthouse was getting brighter. It was surprising considering it was just 7 in the morning.

    I see ocean waves speeding up towards beach. That's weird considering ocean was silent few minutes before.

    "You know it's not good for you to come here often. Someday you have to deal with this". Priya has this concerning look on her face.

    I looked at the lighthouse, the red lamp was getting brighter. I thought they were doing some work on it. So I looked at priya's face. She looked a bit worried and the tears were about to burst through her eyes.

    She said with soft with pain her voice, "We all have to go home someday. None of us have to be in this place forever. Go home. And accept the fact, that I am gone, I am not going to be there anymore".

    I looked at her face. I don't know what made her say that. At the same time, I found the lighthouse lamp was getting brighter.

    I got panicked with bright light so I asked her, "Why this red lamp is getting brighter?".

    She gave me this funny smile. "Oh you think it's red lamp of lighthouse you're looking at?"

    I looked at her and found that I can't see her anymore with that bright light.

    I heard her voice saying, "Go home. Let it go".

    I don't know why but I decided to listen to her this time. I smiled and closed my eyes.

    "Sir, patient is smiling after all these years", assistant doctor said to senior.

    And doctor nodded with weird looks.

    Doctor looks at the staff and with deep voice says, "Let's proceed with lobotomy".
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    Oh! Great twisted ending, still kind of happy ending to a sad story.
    You have done great job, Best Wishes Mahesh.

    Chitra Rana

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    Making the light house light as the center of the attraction the author tried to narrate his own thinking and feeling in a creative way. Good try.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Impressive story! I like the way you narrated it. Unpredictable and awesome. Just be careful of your grammar.


    Lets all try to create a better tomorrow for India.

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    The light of lamp and change in its brightness is so nicely woven in the story line that a cohesive and creative work has emerged and I congratulate Mahesh for presenting such a nice piece of writing to us.
    Knowledge is power.

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