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    Lamp Brightness is similar to our life cycle.

    This is a story of every man life, which is similar to a lamp or a candle. The moment I selected the word lamp and brightness I recollected an advertisement which use to be telecasted in television in our child hood.
    When a brand new candle or lamp is lit with fire its brightness or glowing light will be in a smaller form, i.e., similar to a newborn child. When a new born child takes birth in the earth its totally innocent about the world that is why the lamp light has less brightness when its lit at the beginning. After few minutes the lamp becomes little bright that means a newborn child has started crawling or walking.
    When a candle lamp starts has melted one /fourth (1/4th ) of its part then the child has reached the school level for its primary education. Similarly when the lamp has melted half during that time the it glows fully with lot of brightness that means it's the child's youth period till he settles in his life with a good job. Actually that is the golden period of every human being. Why the lamp glows with more brightness because the human life period from 25 to 40 years will have lot of energetic life and with lot of dreams to cherish in our future.
    When the lamp has melted the 3/4th part then the human life has reached the retirement life so during that period we will have settled in life and just wants to live in peace of mind. That time we will not have energy as we had in our youth life. So the lamp in candle is also giving less brightness when it is melted 3/4th part.
    Now the final part of the life that is when the whole lamp or candle is melted and just few minutes to melt fully means we are coming to an end of our life. During that time the lamplight is also glowing at very small. That means the light may any time glow off when the entire wax is melted similarly when we reach to a age of 70 we are at the end of our life any time we may have a death.
    Thus when the candle is melted fully we cannot lit it again similar way when a human being is dead he comes back to earth in other living form but the same person cannot be alive. That is why I always think our life is just like a candle lamp that is melting daily and cannot be regained back to new candle. During the melting stage we have struggle in life to achieve our goals for a better future.

    Synonym of
    Brightness :-the light

    brightness from the sun or from a light, which allows you to see things

    This is a creative contest Me a Lamp
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    Ms. gsadhiks: The contest ends at 12 Midnight. Please go through the instructions carefully and follow these . The time is short. The story has otherwise impressed me.
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    I am floored by the thinking ability of the author who compared our life cycle with that of candle lamp and that is really creative and mind boggling. We think that we have achieved this and that , we have earned so much money, we always worked as if we are going to stay in this earth for long. But have a look at the candle for a while, as the time passes, the candle becomes small and discharging. The heat absorb the content of the candle and thus withing few minutes it gets melted out. One more thing before the candle gets extinguished on its own, it does give big flame with flicker. That is the significance we can relate to our ending life too.
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    A very interesting analogy presented for human life cycle, step by step by Gsadhiks. The life is really like that sometimes it is dimly lit sometimes it is bright. A person feels sad and melancholy; a person is happy and cheerful. These are the facades of life so beautifully highlighted in the prose by Gsadhiks.
    Nice, keep it up.

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    The light of lamp signifies the activities of life. It is the symbol of energy. Writer has well compared the change in flickering of the lamp with the undulations in life.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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