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    If the day is uncomfortable and not favorable, take challenge that you are learning new.

    In our life every day is not green and successful and we are also bombarded with challenges and failures. While we share our success stories with others, we fail to share our disappointments and rejections and thus we are missing the great learning experiences through those failure. Every set back is the stepping stone as the lesson for future to be cautious and counting. And those who have learned from the mistakes are the most successful persons on this earth. So next time when the day is not good, get prepared to learn new things.
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    I think if we are comfortable that means there is some change is happening around us. And it is not easy to adjust to change all the time. We have to adjust with change. And by that we can learn a lot of things. But a lot of changes are difficult to adapt to, which we can confirm with our real life. I don't think every setback means it is pointing towards success. Some are just roadblocks and there is nothing after that. Or maybe nothing before that for us.

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    We tend to loose our hopes, once we are encountered with some hurdles aggravating our disappointments. It is very natural because since any failure fore shake our own confidence. Rather we should analyse the situation resulting in the setback and such analysis always gives us the clues how the obstacles can be averted. Instead of being over sentimental, a realistic stand of the evaluation of the situations would boost up our confidence.

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