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    Depth should be hidden on the surface.

    On February 1, 1874 an Austrian novelist was born who gave the world his finest creations in the form of poems, plays, libretti etc. He has one quote which has a side with several interpretations and is having deep meaning with its relevance to depth. I think it is more related to human behavior having certain secrets in depth. I would like to have participation from the members to give the meaning of the following quote according to your perception.
    "Depth must be hidden. Where? On the surface."
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    It's an interesting quote. That line itself is open to a lot of interpretation. Keeping people open to multiple interpretation is a skill. And it's really hard to master. I like depth and twist. Poetry is not something I have tried but would definitely love to attempt. Who is this novelist by the way? You didn't mentioned his name in the thread.

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    His name is Hugo Von Hofmannsthal. An Austrian novelist.

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