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    Leaving ISC, Goodbye Everyone!

    I don't want to stay in a website which don't value people's opinion and suppresses the freedom of speech.
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    I know you are peeved at deleting a thread on refugees and in fact I had responded to it. It is the current burning topic of International standard and I dont know why the ISC want to shy away from the topic. Please for that silly reason do not take harsh decision. Your freedom of expression and freedom of speech cannot be curtailed. Hope this thread would bring some sweeping changes in ISC overlook on rules again. The members who are dedicated and know the rules of this site must be given the freedom to raise concerning global citizens. Nothing wrong if we discuss such issues here.
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    You are just being belligerent. You could simply have raised a thread, asking for a clarification about the thread's status and editors would have explained it to you. As a gold level member, surely by now you are aware of how a topic should be presented. We do accept topics that are of a global nature, but there is a way of putting it here on the ISC platform which adheres to the forum posting guidelines.

    Note: I checked that thread and it has not as yet been deleted, but shifted to pending. Forum editors often shift threads to pending status to discuss it internally with other editors , me and the Webmasters.

    It is not good to get angry like this and go off in a huff. ISC is genuinely a beautiful place and the Webmasters have innumerable times given the forum platform as a space for members to air their views on so many things, even strong criticisms aimed at them. Of course, if you wish to be stubborn & adamant and want to leave despite this, that is up to you.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Yes. Unlike the past, I too feel that ISC is a different ISC. ISC seems to be partial. To avoid any direct confrontation/heated arguments with any member, if I take up any issue with the ISC higher ups, they call it as a trivial issue and don't heed to my complaint. ISC permits some knowledgeable members personal attack and abusive words treating it like Vedas, and doesn't permit my decent words calling it as absurd and abusive. I do agree that ISC is not that ISC that we used to see. Very recently, I was awarded -20 for creating a good proverb with a word bloody. When I raised a thread to discuss the right meaning of the word bloody, my thread got deleted. To me, the word bloody is not an abusive word. Will anyone understand this?

    Vandana says -" You could simply have raised a thread, asking for a clarification about the thread's status and editors would have explained it to you."

    For our information- It doesn't happen. Editors don't give any explanation to a deleted thread. They remain quiet with a feeling that they are right.

    Yes. ISC need to change

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    I want to see this site discussing international events without limiting to India (the world is not limited with India). Talk about what is happening in Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia and Americas. So, people from other countries might also join this site. Also, it would be better to add pictures and videos to thread to make it look interesting.

    "Any topic which can be discussed in public should also allowed to be discussed in this platform"
    "Any topic which can't be discussed in public should not be allowed to discuss in this platform"

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    Though I am a very new member to this website, I could not stand alone without passing on a comment to this thread. As far as I heard before becoming a member and observed for the last two to three days (since member from 28 jan 17) as member, I felt it is a very awesome place to express our opinion and to get the knowledge on any subject. On this note I too agree that our knowledge should not only to be restricted to our boundaries. In fact there is no boundary to know the knowledge and there should not be. I hope mean mentalities will not be here in this forum. And hence I too request Dan ji, not to take any harsh decisions. New members like me want to get shared some knowledge from you people who are most interested in international events.

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    Mr. Dan: As a Member whose threads are regularly being deleted, I advise you not to leave this site. You present your perspective in a different manner and wait for the result.
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    Life is full of ups and downs. ISC is not an exemption to this. ISC too has its own ups and downs. We need to exercise patience, tolerance and perseverance. Don't lose heart. Continue to be an ISCian and contribute your best. Never use the word Quit or Leave or Good bye ISC. If you do not like the activities of ISC, just be a good observer than a participant. ISC is not bad, but few members connected to this site are not good.

    @ Dan: You did not request ISC to give you permission to join. So, You need not inform ISC if you are willing to leave. With this, you are safe to resume your ISC work later when you realise and regret for your hasty act.

    No life without Sun

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    I have seen ISC admin interfering with Members profile too. The Profile page of a member should not be touched by ISC or altered. In the recent past, ISC has entered into my profile page and deleted certain information.

    Is it not too much for ISC? Certainly the question raises whether ISC is Communist or Demoractic.

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    It seems you posted 2 threads on the same issue. The first thread had both text and copyrighted image. The second one had only the text, but the words were the same volatile ones as the first. We have discussed the thread with the Webmasters and it seems to be a clear violation of the forum posting guidelines , wherein it is stated that "We don't allow members to use the forums to promote extreme political or religious messages. Controversial topics are generally allowed, but people who regularly start posts on extreme political or religious topic may be banned from posting." Essentially you were posting extreme topics/views and hence were unacceptable.

    Keep in mind, too, the other directive which states "You may be legally responsible for what you post. This website is operated from India. In general, the rules & laws of India are applicable. The Indian laws offer relatively less freedom to talk bad about others, compared to free-speech rights in countries like USA. If you have an honest opinion which hurts others, express it at your own legal responsibility." So in order to ensure that ISC is not slapped with a law suit or face some other type of action the Webmasters will take care about the type of matter which is posted here.

    Global issues are allowed - but within limits. Do not post such radical views which paint an entire community with the same brush or hurt religions sentiments. It is not necessary that any topic which is discussed in public (print media, on air on on social platforms) would be allowed to be discussed on the ISC forum platform.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    1. You very clearly did not use the word as a proverb. It is also not appropriate to use it at all anywhere, unless in the context of a murder story or a medical post.

    2. "I have seen ISC admin interfering with Members profile too."
    - Huh?! You are questioning what the Webmasters can do or not do? Issuing directives to them, who are the owners of this site?! Of course they can and they will remove anything from a member's profile which they consider should not be there! You want to talk about yourself at your profile page by all means do so, but don't go overboard and start targetting members indirectly over there in couched terminology.

    3. I personally know of forum editors sending personal messages to members explaining why a thread was deleted & to refrain from posting certain types of topics or text. If the members choose to continue down the same path, ignoring instructions, requests and suggestions, after a certain point the forum editors are not going to constantly send reminders, especially to higher level members who are fully aware of what is acceptable & what is not but choose to pretend that they are not aware. There is only so much the forum editors can do to make a member understand.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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