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    Do you support or against Indian government's decision to ban 'Google Street view' in India?

    Indian government says 'no' to Google Street View in India for security reasons. Even US and European countries allow showing Street View in their countries.

    Do you support or against Indian government's decision to ban 'Google Street view' in India?
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    Though the advantage of the Google street view can be well used by the Municipal corporation of various states in the country and impose fines on those who violate or deviate from the permission granted. But I cannot understand why the Indian government said not to Google street viewer. Probably the security installations of the country would also be mapped by Google and that may land in the hands of wrong doers. For example In Hyderabad if the Google street map is allowed, then the installations inside the Secunderabad Cantonment, the installations in the old city and the installations in new city would be known to the world. When Army is not allowing the civilians passing through these areas, how can Indian government can give the permission to Google to publicize the defense installations across the Hyderabad. May be for this reason the government must have said no.
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    I support the decision of ban.

    I remember one of the gang that once killed entire family in pune by keeping tab of their whereabouts. Their kids routine, wife's routine and the man's routine in the house. When police caught them they found google maps and timing on each lane that way written on it. When any gang wants to do crime like this, they can get deep like this. And google making street view open has only made it easier for them. Not to say that anyone who wants to rob can go personally too. But with google street view, one doesn't even have to go to actual place to do the calculation of crime. They can pretty much jot it down with few images.

    I can't imagine tools such as this in hands of terrorists.

    I am glad that google's aerial view and street view has limitations in india. Sorry but at the cost of security this privacy invasion is too much. Let's keep google only for information search alone. I don't want it to track my family on internet.

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    I support the ban of Government of India on Google street view, even though it has many feature to support the tourism sector to grow. I think the major and most important reason to ban is the security concern. We the common people use the feature for the purpose of our convince but there are many traitors and terrorist who use this feature to plan their attack. This service definitely help to plan accurately. We have many example of such terrorist attack. The Mumbai 26/11 terror attack in which they have use news feed to plan their attack. Pathankot terror attack is latest. How they will get succeed to execute the plan? Such information of street, narrow escape, hideout,etc. will help them. This service has good and bad side. The bad side is more dangerous to compromise.

    One more reason may be as google is not indigenous company on which we believe or it will be difficult to regulate beyond our territory.

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    Google Street View is actually quite helpful. We used the tool while looking for accommodation for my daughter's overseas stay. It helped to see the streets leading to the houses that we were considering renting. We could check the safety aspects, sitting at home, in a distant land. Everything, from street lamps to CCTV cameras installed on sidewalks and outsides buildings was visible, making it easier for us to make a decision.

    Coming to the ban, I neither support it nor am against it. I am neutral. I guess the Government must have considered various aspects before deciding to ban it.

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    The utility factor aside, the Government of India must be having strong reasons to ban Google Street View in India. I have not yet made use of this facility but do feel that it can pose security threats to the society or to the nation as such and so would welcome the ban keeping our internal and external conditions in mind. Admitting that anti-national or anti-social elements may not require the assistance of such facilities to intrude into our private or secure affairs, I don't see anything wrong in being prepared and alert.
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    Google map street view ban is good decision. One important note here is google is not Indian based company. Ultimately data will be in foreign country. Mostly all developed countries using street view because they have that much national security provided to people. India is not that up to date to give quick response when tragedy happens.
    Also Indian Government infrastructure is not that automated to update centralized system whenever there is change street direction ( e.g. making routes one way).
    Though it is good move still we should not allow it. Or perhaps Indian government should initiate own centralize system to do it.

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