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    Gods are living with us

    I heard in one discourse that the heads as told by puranas to Lord subamanya, Lord shiva, Lord Brahma and Ravana are not physical heads but possessing powers to the level of such heads.

    Many people mock about the God has three,four,six faces and Ravana has ten heads but we
    are seeing two face humans in our daily life. I am saying here that people are doing one thing and telling another thing.

    One month back a roadside water tap broken and water went in vein people are all scolding the government people as they are not taking immediate action but the same people said about the government did not taken immediate decision on Jallikkattu, as how it is possible for a government to take immediate decision as there are many procedures. so, the same person says this and that, why do not we call him as a man with two heads.

    Many people are saying this and that type for a same matter. This is intolerable and very difficult to handle such persons. It is better to avoid such people once we identify the same.
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    Why for the Asuras and Rakshas, the Gods would show their mercy and also give lots of boons ? Because they know that wrong man always commit mistake when he is given abundant power to ask for anything. In that melee his mind wont work and he asks for such a boon, which facilitates Lord Vishnu to liquidate that Asur. We all know that Brahma is the creator, Shiva is the boon giver and the Vishnu is the destroyer. So each one of them are doing their favor and the life cycle goes on. Here we must also mention that there were no complaints even on the duties of three murthis. By the way the God also induce a person to do good things in this earth. That is why when we are down and not cared and some one comes to our rescue to take out of the situation. Those persons are God sent and this kind of moments bring the truth that there is God amid us.
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    What you say is partially true. Two-faced people are everywhere. It is not unusual to see people change their stance as and when it suits them. Some people are like chameleons, they change colour without batting an eyelid. The example of the leaking tap and jallikattu aptly illustrates your point. However, I won't compare such people to gods and their many faces.
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