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    Everyday is a new day with carry forward experiences.

    Life is full of ups and downs everyday that many people think as difficulties and worry or become anxious to face the next day. There could be various reasons like unnecessary tension created by boss, verbal spat with colleague or friends or family, a tragic incident which you heard and gobsmacked, etc., There will be definitely a lesson to be learnt in each of the issues or incidents we come across. I want to share once such lesson which I learnt recently at the work place after some happening. It was "Prioritizing activities" based on the numbers, urgency and severity. Though it took some time for me to learn this lesson, once I realized it and apply it on every day, things were smooth and under my control.

    Members, I am quite sure that most of you have similar experiences which gave you a lesson to take it for rest of life. I would request all those members put forth in those lessons/experiences and how it helped in their life. Other members can also take it and make their next day with full of rich experiences.

    TOW entry thread.
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    Good thread from the author. Every day is not our day. That means we cannot expect success and win win situation every day. There are competitors, enemies and trouble makers around us, who are bound to create hurdles and give challenging situations and some times we fail to come out of that ring. So failures are also expected. But the problem is that we go down and our energy is lost as if there no other alternative. Take the cue from Sun. It performs the duty irrespective of the weather condition and there is no rest nor leave for the Sun. Every morning it brings in fresh light and the day begins. Same should be our attitude. If the failures are of yesterday, forget it, hope for the best for today. If this attitude is inculcated, no one get agitated nor have Blood pressure in them. The life would be cool and comfortable.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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