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    Kaju Katlis just got knocked off from my sweet tooth's list

    Oh dear....cashewnuts are going to cost more as per the new budget. So one of my really, really favourite mithai is no longer going to be indulged in! Since they are as it is expensive, we used to buy a box of them only once in a while to celebrate something. Now even that once in a while is not going to happen looks like!

    It is also likely that others will not indulge in gifting them - once or twice we got large boxes of them to our utter delight. Do we say RIP kaju katlis?!
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    I think our FM did the right thing by making Kaju Katlis or cashewnuts expensive, at least for those people who lead a sedentary life.
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    Buying the sweet once in a while will not pinch much. Everyone is allowed to indulge in their favourite sweet on special occasions. The good thing about 'mithai' is that shop owners sell them by piece as well as by weight. If your favourite 'kaju katli' gets too pricey buy just a few pieces or a quarter kg, instead of half kg or one kg.

    Better still why not make the sweet at home. They are fairly easy to make and will cost you a fraction of what you would pay if you were to buy them. You need not buy whole cashews; buy the 'tukda' instead, as that is much cheaper. Also, choose where you shop – Big Bazaar has some excellent bargains on dry fruits and nuts.

    By the way, kaju katli is my favourite sweet too. I can devour ½ kg of it in less than 24 hours. Sweet tooth – oh yes, definitely yes.

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    I think katli and kaju sweets were always expensive as it is. And for those who are into borderline diabetic side this move can be good. But yes overall making sweets expensive does affect some people.


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    OMG! Since First January, to stop my worry of losing weight, I started eating cashew net, badam and pista to improve my weight. I have alloted Rs. 1000/- PM in my monthly budget to meet this requirement. Alas! FM has increased my budget through his budget. What to do?
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    I am surprised that Vandana could notice the price rise only on Kaju Katli. I am not eating Kaju Katli every day.
    I am sure there are many who do not know what Kaju Katli is, at least in my area..

    But , I know for sure, the most unfortunate and sad fact that the items I use for my daily food viz. Rice, Udid(Black Gram) ,Coconut oil, vegetables, sugar all have gone up in three digit percentage . Some have gone three hundred percentage over their price of year before last. But incomes are not increasing and for every pie of increase govt. is taxing it either directly or indirectly.

    You should be very happy that govt has reduced certain corporate linked taxes and thus helped the 'poor and common people'.

    Still you can enjoy your Kaju Katli, as you can reduce consumption of one or two mundane daily used items and that money will be more than enough to buy more Kaju Katli. Soon there will be grand offer on online payment and online buys on Kaju Katli and the like.

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    Common Vandana a marginal increase in the rates of Kaju is always possible after the budget announcement and for that reason one cannot and should not stop eating the Kaju Katlis. As a human being , when we like something more and that must be had at once, we wont mind spending much. Same would happen here. I am sure no one would eat Kaju based sweets often and for once in a while purchase, spending few more rupees does not bother us. Moreover the sweet shop owners would come up with some solution so that they wont loose the regular customers for Kaju Katlis.
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    Kaju Katli is new to me. I heard about Kaju& Kaju Halwa but not Kaju Katli. Can the author explain what is Kaju Katli; the ingredients used; its preparation etc? It will be quite interesting to the non-Kaju Katli eaters and they might add it to their sweet tooth's list.
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    Kajy Barfi is my daughter's favourite sweet. I occasionally purchase it at the rate of Rs. 600-630/- per kilo from a sweet-shop of the local market. The cost is going to increase now after the budget.
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    Mouth watering sweet and yes it is really costly always and now with the increase it may cost more too. @Sun Kaju Katli is available very much in Sri Krishna Sweets and Grand Sweets in Chennai. If you happened to visit to Chennai, in the Platform of Egmore itself Sri Krishna Sweets is available and whenever I return from Chennai to south, that is one of the item in my travel bag purchased at Egmore.
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