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    Believe me! My freedom ends at the tip of your nose

    Let me begin with a quote from the famous speech by Pt Jawaharlal Nehru on the eve of our Independence, "At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the whole world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom". I don't think he meant absolute freedom because that would be against the tenets of democracy.

    But, all said and done, freedom is often a misconstrued term. We tend to consider freedom to be a license to say or do anything we like. But is it so? It is an established principle that absolute freedom will only lead to anarchy. If everyone of us feel free to say what we like and to do what we feel like, there would be utter chaos.

    We all know that my freedom ends at the tip of your nose. So, we have limits and are required to follow and accept the same so that the society remains intact. We have become more opinionated with the advent of the social media and there is nothing actually wrong in having independent views or suggestions but does that give one the freedom to intrude into a territory that is not in your domain? You can express your views or opinion only to the extent to which it does not call for any social, legal or administrative interference.

    My point is that, let us not misinterpret freedom; let us know and realize our limits and most of all the spread and sphere of the platform we are using or the audience we are addressing. Members are requested not to restrict their thoughts in this regard to ISC alone but to widen their view point and have a fair and free discussion on the subject.
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    In spite of repetition of the matter everywhere, this topic is very relevant in present day situations.
    Let me refer to one thing here. To drive in the uniqueness of English language spelling, it is said that " 'I' is the silent member of Parliament" . How relevant and meaningful it is!
    Parliament is the prime debating forum for the country. There what we discuss should be for the good of whole nation. 'I', the self should not step in there.

    But what we see happen now? It is mostly 'my way or highway'. 'I' had become the most noisy and attention seeking alphabet member. In our individual lives we not only become noisy but 'nosey' also. We are not confined to know what we get or what we lose. We are 'nosey' to know what our neighbour gets.

    If the train wheels restrict themselves to the two well laid rails it will be smooth travel. But if just one wheel feels to step out of bounds thinking it is its freedom, then it leads to derailment, destroying the wheel itself and the train and its travellers.

    Any forum for discussion also needs to be within limits. These limits are best to be complied by self restriction. This can happen only when one knows and acknowledges that others also have the same freedom and space. The aim is common good.

    Let us take ou own body parts. Nature has kept each part in its space and bounds. So each one functions well within its given freedom and space. However if one part tries to push itself thinking it has that freedom, then that creates chaos and it is called 'Hernia". That causes pain to the person. If that goes beyond tolerance then 'surgery' has to be resorted.

    Just a reminder from an old mind.

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    Wow the heading has really tempted me to this thread immediately to respond. Yes we are all bound by love, affection, control, and all these happens sometimes in good relation and some times with forced condition. Rightly said that if the opposite person gets angry even on small issue, we try to get away from the place or change the topic so that some control could be obtained in otherwise charged atmosphere. Some people get annoyed just like that and we have to deal with them politely. Once we part ways and then getting cozy or friendly is not possible. Therefore we have to mend our ways.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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