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    UPI App and Giving Change to Shopkeepers

    Earlier I used to have problem with giving change to shopkeeper. They used to argue for not having the change or so. And often we were forced to buy more. And this is something I am sure most of you have faced locally.

    For example you have 43 Rs bill and you have 100 Rs note in your side. Shopkeeper will argue that I should have atleast 3 rs change. And when you check you have like 5Rs to which he still have objection.

    But after demonetization I found one that if shopkeepers are ready to co-operate on this we can get rid of this problem.

    If we use UPI or the paytm app, then any shopkeeper who wants exact amount can get the money. So no arguments and no extra money being given from either one of our pocket.

    I am just not sure if problem such as this can be solved.

    Why people who know how to use this app are not ready to adopt? I can totally understand lack of tech skills for this and that is genuine reason. I am just thinking shopkeepers who can do this easily why they are not opting for this solution?
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    After demonetization effect and the government persistent demand for cash less transactions , online cash dispensing companies like Paytm and others have already created much awareness among the people on how to go cash less. But some service charges are levied on transactions and thus the government has now launched its own Bheem app through which one can transact the business through their own phone and their bank account. Only thing is one must connect their phone with bank account. Soon Aadhaar card based transactions would also be possible.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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