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    Motherhood Vs Career

    Does expecting mothers forced to take a back seat in their career?
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    Well after getting married, the next best enjoyable moment for any women is the motherhood. Giving a birth to a child is the great process and by doing so a women satisfies the need of the husband, his family and also satisfy her own parents demand. Yes I am also of the opinion that in the process of achieving the motherhood there should not be distraction or disturbance from other quarters and that is why even some private companies are also giving liberal maternity leave to the pregnant employee to finish all the motherhood task and then come back to the work after every things seems to be well. So career should not come in between the motherhood and every women should take care of her pregnancy period very diligently and see that she gives birth to a male or female baby without much hindrance to her own health.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    If you are in IT working for MNCs, you get paid for 18 months of paid leave from companies such as Flipkart, Accenture etc. and maybe Deloitte and KPIT may follow the direction. I don't think that means back seat in career. That's a big opportunity given to anyone who wants to be mother as well as not to lose the job. There are also government jobs doing the same. I think Coal India was one offering some support during the pregnancy leave.

    Obviously companies which have low turn over can't afford running such policies. And only MNCs can afford this type of benefits. Afterall it's hard to make profit where company is giving out money like charity and making other people work more.

    So not every class in society can't benefit from such offers. So some women will always have this choice to either choose career or motherhood. There is nothing one can do other than offering benefits for pregnant workers. If that is not sufficient then I don't know what else can be done. You can't have everything in life. Sometimes some choices are to be made.

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