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    Many new things are rerun or repacking of the old

    [This thread is a Special Prize winner of Topic based TOW contest for the week 29th January-4th February 2017]

    The verbal fight between the young and the old or the new and old generation is a continuing one at any time.
    My granny used to tell me that when the old and yellowed leaves fall down, the new and fresh green leaves laugh, without knowing that they also will turn yellow one day. All today's 'new' have to become old tomorrow.

    I once heard SriSri Ravishankar say that a tree cannot have new roots every day or every season. But it can and has to have new leaves and flowers continually. The roots that give stability and nourishment are to be old and stable and less exposed. Whereas, the flowers have to be new and fresh, to be visible to attract the honey bee and other insects that helps pollination. So a balanced existence is a blend of old and new.

    While opposing the old things and styles, today's new gen youths enjoy the old music, without much knowing that most of them are old ones packed and presented anew. The other day when my son was playing a new movie song in his Smartphone, I could recall an old song I enjoyed some thirty forty years ago. That was a rare occasion when both the old gen(myself) and the new gen(my son) enjoyed the same music without any intolerance of other side.

    So the new slogan is not that 'the old order gives way for the new', but, 'the old re- enters packed and presented anew'. Quite welcome.

    ( This is an entry for TOW contest)
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    A very good thought. Well presented. It is a new thing to understand in life.

    No life without Sun

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    Wow what a wonderful , thoughtful and creative thread connecting to the Tow topic from the author. In Hindi we called Pathjad, that means the yellow leaves which has no more life, should leave the tree and they get rid of it automatically and by Feb and March every year we find many trees getting the new green leaves. Some times I wonder when people are struggling with over heat and summer sets in, how come the trees would look young and so green. That is the nature gift for us. We have to learn that every old person must give the way to new generation to take over.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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