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    In future can we expect a new India where there is no dowry system?

    Dowry system is a big problem of our country. Its very sad to know that nowadays school going children are taught in their text books about the importance of dowry in our country. Its clearly mentioned in the text book that dowry system depends on the beauty of a girl. That means if a girl is not so beautiful OR if she is physically handicapped, more dowry is needed to marry here. Is this the correct way to teach a new generation? I expect and pray for a new India where there is no dowry system. Let all girls must have a peaceful married life in our country.

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    Appreciation to the author for bringing in the burning issue of dowry and connecting the future expectation of the country. Surely, given the education and wide awareness among the youth of this country who are about to get married, there is a sense of hope that dowry demand would be totally rejected. Though the parents of the boy may have some liking and want to have some dowry, the positive thinking groom would certainly reject dowry as now a days the prospective bride is also a employee in making or already doing job in some good company. So this new thinking should get rid of dowry system altogether.
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    Dowry is curse to Indian Society. In Meghalaya only girl can inherit the property. Though it is good thinking now people are protesting there. Dowry was curtsey not tradition since earlier girl supposed to have share from parents property which was given through Dowry. Since girls are independent and very well have choice of groom , I believe dowry is almost stopped in some states. It is duty of district collector , Tehsildar and marriage registration office to enquire if dowry pressure involved in marriage.
    Coming back to textbook point , it is totally wrong to put comments about dowry in education books. It should be taught about equal rights, no to dowry. I request member who initiated this forum to complaint about that textbook in social media so that public pressure should ban on book.

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    It is mentioned in Maharashtra HSC Sociology text book

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    Dowry system is one issue that is still existing in many parts of the country. I agree educating people and creating awareness about dowry, dowry system might be reduced but I feel it is difficult to fully vanish taking of dowry. There are many greedy people who want money in an easy way and such people will open there mouth when money matter comes. Old age people will demand for dowry in the name of custom and also fills the family members ears to take dowry. If in case people don't take dowry then they act as if they have done a big favour to girls family and torture her in many other ways. This issue and all these things are happening since many years though enough awareness is created against dowry. I doubt if we can see a dowry free nation in coming years.

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