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    New is always pleasant.

    Our human mind is always tend towards new in any kind. A new flower will blossom our mind. A new beginning of life after marriage and later new experience with baby and all its activities.

    It is applicable to all sort of things in our life and even the content writing is published for the first time in print or on line surely will take us to the top of the world as if we are the top brass in writing.

    A new era has begun to all of us with e-platform and websites like this which create new ideas and new experience and unique experience of participating in this site is really new which is not available in any other discussion platform.

    Please come with your pleasant surprises through any new way (you may feel so).

    To start with, I was very much surprised when my first thread itself got TOW and in fact I was not even aware that there exists award like this in this site. Also my first award in article writing(though it was not writing only drawing of Rangoli) created a new experience in this site and also when I reached gold level (even I have enjoyed really like a child after recalculation the way of turning my level in dashboard from silver to gold) and these things really kept me push until today to be intact with this site.

    This is entry for TOW.
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    You are right. Every New thing is attractive to the five senses. A New dish is liked by our tongue. A New aroma is felt good by our nose. A Newly married couple are very attractive to our eyes. A new song is pleasant to our ears. A newly introduced bathing soap is very sensitive to our body. Alas! the New vanishes soon to get Old when some other New comes in.

    New is not always pleasant but until we get another New.

    No life without Sun

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    I agree with you that new things are always pleasent and exciting. We always look for something new. For me especially new clothes and footwares brings a broad smile on my face no matter how many I have.

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    Every human being want a change in life and he gets bored over seeing the same thing again and again. Hence in the garb of some change, if the word new is added to the existing product or service, surely there would be inclusive increase of sales and also getting new customers. This weakness is well exploited by the consumer goods manufacturers and cosmetics producers. Invariably you can see the usage of word "new" or new improved words on the cover and that will attract every one. But in reality nothing is added or included. It is the marketing strategy and everyone falls in trap.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Yes Sushma even small 'New' things in our day to day life pushing us in positive direction. That is special days like birthdays, festivals we are celebrating with new clothes. That reminds me of the festival Pongal in TN(Makarasankranti in other parts), the festival is meant for new harvest products and thankful to Sun God, and all things helped in farming and especially Cows and Bulls. Recently we have succeeded in Jallikattu which is part of the festival related to Bull.

    @Mohan, I agree with you and it is not only with materials even the News media flashed with New and take maximum TRP.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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