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    Do you believe in Vasthu Sasthiram?

    Do you believe in Vasthu Sasthiram that is being followed while constructing houses? Should we have the length and breath of the house as per the Vasthu? There are figures giving good and bad effect. Vasthu says that a room should be of specific size with the good numbers. The good numbers are 6,8, 10,11, 16,17, etc. The kitchen should be on the Agni corner(South East) The bed room should be on the south. the bathroom and toilet should be on the north west corner. The entrance to the house should be at so and so place etc. The southern corner of the house should be higherer than the east etc etc etc.

    Do you believe that following Vasthu helps us? What is your experience?Will you demolish a house and reconstruct if it was not constructed as per Vasthu?
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    Whenever I can afford to!

    (I will come back o the thread later since I like the subject and would surely love to exchange views on the topic)

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    Certainly not. I will not gonna demolish my home for the sake of Vastushastra i.e. the science of architecture in Hindu ideology. I don't believe in the vastushastra and who believe in Vastushastra might be out of fear or for gaining some benefit. The positive or negative result of Vastushtra is nothing but our belief in it. It is a Human psychology and acting according to the shastra is the placebo effect nothing more.

    Those who have strong belief in the Vastushtra and have corpus of money with them will definitely demolish their house and rebuild according to Vastushastra.

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    I do not follow Vasthu Shastra as I am not convinced about that. In these days of space crunch and high cost, it affects all practicality.

    Vastu Shastra has come to be talked about more in the last few years only. It has been more marketed than one which was followed traditionally. I was more familiar with the 'Thachu Shastra' prevalent among the traditional carpenters who used to follow those principles when constructing buildings. Even that is not fully practical now as plots come in all designs and directions. So one will be ending up with unnecessary doubts and fears if he trie to follow the Vastu Shastra.

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    First of all there is a wrong notion among the public that Vastu shashtra is the interference in their preference of having their own style of constructing and living. But it is certainly not. Vastu is nothing but it is a science which creates a awareness on cleanliness and the difference between good and bad. For example a toilet cannot be constructed just beside the kitchen room. A well or bore well source of water cannot run through the drainage system of the house as there are every chance of bad water mingling with good water. So Vastu shashtra clearly states what should be there at what place and believing the same is left to the conscience of people.
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    Yes,Vastu Shastra is also a science,which is based on electro magntic field of the earth.In ancient palaces of the king,
    temples ,wells ponds all were constructed on the basis of Vastu .In modern era ,its impacts are also seen.The modern hotels are constructed on the basis of Vastu Shastra .They have fountains ,that is a concept of Vastu.
    What is wrong ,if the east entrance of house is considered favorable,The sun rays peep into the house directly.Vastu Shastra purpose is to create natural healthy atmosphere inside the building by balancing earth electro magnetic field.

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    Vaasthu - means archiving things. Vasthu- any form of matter. So Vaasthu deals with space, vasthu with matter. It's an ancient interior designing concept.
    It is based on 4 cardinal directions, 5 elements and 8 Gods of Fortune.
    And Vaasthu Shastra was never restricted to India alone. Japan, China, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia and various other Asian countries follow it to.
    There are a few European cultures too which followed a similar science.
    Now let's talk about the Indian one. There are 8 guardians called "Ashta Dikpalas" in Hinduism.
    Kubera- North.
    Yama- South.
    Indra- East.
    Varuna- West.
    Shiva/ Isana- North East.
    Agni- South East.
    Vayu - North West.
    Nrriti- South West.

    As you said kitchen should naturally be in Agni's direction for he symbolizes food.
    And toilets are never placed in North East for it's Shiva's direction.
    But I don't think directions necessarily can cause troubles in your life.
    So I don't believe in Vaasthu Shastra. I would rather choose a scientific explanation.

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