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    Create a sense of responsibility in your child, surely that will help him to learn and develop.

    Normally parents are very possessive about their children and they wont even part their kids with others even for a while. They feel that others would inculcate bad habit and band manners and hence they want to nurture their child with lots of care and affection. But what I feel that from the little age if the child is given the responsibility or taught with the importance of life and how to behave in the challenging situations, it would certainly help a child to develop and also learn many things. So create confidence, build good rapport and send the child to achieve something great.
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    I agree with your view. Every parent has a duty to make their children ready for the world that they are one day going to be a part of. There is a difference between being protective and being overly protective. Parents, who smother their kids with too much mollycoddling, actually do them more harm than good. Kids remain dependent on their parents and are incapable of taking decisions or fending for themselves.

    Children should be taught life skills and responsibility from a young age. Age appropriate tasks under supervision make children learn new things and also help them gain independence. It is all a part of growing up. I feel children, whose parents allow them the freedom that lets them grow into responsible people, turn out to be in better control of their lives. They master the art of right decision making because they have been allowed to use their brains to make decisions. They learn the consequences of wrong decisions, pretty young in life. Hence, they weigh all their options before committing to anything, even when they grow up.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    Yes I agree with the author parents must make their child responsible to cope up with the world. They should let their children socialize among people and let their children play with others. Just studies and achieving good grades in examination is not enough. Only when children go out and see the world they will know how to deal with things. Parents should let their child do even the smallest work so it can build their confidence. Otherwise children will not utilize their brain properly in doing various things and will think in only one way. Only good grades will not help a child as they grow. I have seen my classmate who has been trained to be a topper in class which she easily did by byhearting. But in other activities she was lagging behind because of which she had to struggle to come up career wise.

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