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    If weight increases than fat and muscles are also increasing or not

    Know about the body health if weight increase than belly and muscles are also increasing or not
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    It depends on what causes the weight increase. Some of the factors that can cause weight gain are -
    1. Water retention
    2. Bone weight
    3. Muscle weight
    4. Excess fat

    Belly muscles will increase only if you workout and tone the muscles in the abdomen. If your weight gain is through eating alone then you are more likely to store fat in the belly area. Belly muscles do not bulk up on their own. Muscle weight will be marginal as compared to weight gained because of stored fat.

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    Its all depends on what we get in and what we burn out. Human body have many body type with different metabolism rate. If we eat more than our body need it gets converted into fat and this fat will deposited on our body, specially on belly and on butt. Our weight is directly related to fat and muscle. Muscle are made up of proteins and to strength it we have to workout.
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    Our eating habits, our laziness from absenting to the hard work, our light attitude towards firm exercise work outs are the some the reasons which gives rise to obesity, fat looking and that also increases the entire body weight and muscles too. You take the old era people, there were no gyms nor they used to go for walking. They used to get up early in the morning and start doing house chorus. They make cooking, they wash the clothes, they mop the home and also keep the environs clean. While cooking they were not having the help of mixers and they used to do everything with physical hard work on Rubbu Rai what we call it in Telugu. Like wise for washing they were not hiring the maid and every thing is done by them. Like wise for mopping entire home they never hired a servant. So by doing all these works , they used to be fit and slim and with no obesity. Even they used to have babies delivered at home with general labor pain.
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