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    Is it possible to make $1000 from AdSense in India?

    Is it possible to make $1000 from AdSense in India. These days making money from AdSense looks more difficult as compared to 2008, 2009. What is your view?
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    Yes, it is possible, more so because you have not mentioned a time-frame. $1000 within which time span – a month or 6 months, or longer?

    On a serious note, I think to make that kind of money in a month would require tremendous effort. The niche of your content would have to be sublime. The content would have to be par excellence, only then would your content be ranked well and be able to draw traffic. Quality and quantity also matter. You cannot have just a few pieces of published material and expect them to bring in the money.

    I am sure some bloggers (Indian ones at that) make good money through Google Adsense. I know of at least one blogger, who has multiple blogs and who funded his entire college education through his monthly Adsense payouts. This includes his tuition and hostel fees and other living expenses.

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    In 2007 to 2010, Google SEO was lot easier, and it was easy to throw content with keywords and getting it ranked. Making money was lot easier. And many people made money from their own niche sites, from hubpages, squidoo etc.

    However after 2010, the top 3 algorithms changed SEO scene. Content farm algorithm, panda and penguin. There are also some small algorithm like hummingbird making it harder to rank the pages. It's still possible.

    But 1000$ purely alone on adsense is lot harder for two reasons.

    1. Unpredictable SEO changes.
    2. Adblcokers.

    I think it's possible but do understand that browser are coming up with their own adblockers. And also people are enabling the adblock plus. So even if you reach 100$ with adsense. The earning is less likely to be consistent. In fact as adblocking becomes norm, the adsense is less likely to be viable optin for monetization.
    Though in past many people became overnight rich with adsense and also some are still earning. It's still a good option to use other ad model such affiliate linking and paid posts. The reason being these two things are not affected by adblocker. So if you are looking for online income in future, then do pay revenue models which may get affected by the adblockers.

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    If there is a will, there are many ways to earn money and content writing is one of the great opportunity to a person who is well versed with English, topics and the zeal to write more in detail. If you are able to raise 10 to 20 articles per day with good elective English and with good examples or illustrations of own , surely such articles are most sought after in the internet and the hits would be high. And getting adsense of 1000 dollars can be possible within two or three months. But sustaining with such performance is the 1000 million dollar question to the author I am posing.
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    I think it is possible, I have never done it but I think if someone really gives time to something, he/she will definitely achieve that sort of things in his/her life.
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    And here we are many like me who have not even touched a quarter of 1000 even after five or six years. We just read such things with awe and wonder.

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    @ juana
    I am sure, if a college students can earn that kind of money. we can also be able to earn well. I Mean $1000 per month should be the target. It's difficult but not impossible.
    adblocker is not the real challenge. Google already dominated by chrome. It don't have ad blocker but pop up blocker.
    @ K Mohan
    Yes, sustaining this is the real challenge. I hope, we will be able to do so.

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    You may want to check adblock plus and adblock extension on chrome store. These extensions are removing the ads from the website. Chrome, firefox, opera, teashark, ucweb all the browsers have the ad blcoker. Soon even Microsoft Edge will have adblocker. So that is major problem. Many people who used to rely on adsense are now going to subscription route.

    Try using adblock on chrome and go to NDTV or timesindia website, they will lock you as they are ad driven.

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    To the best of my experience of more than 4 years with Adsense, I have reached a conclusion that 1000 visits yield 1$ and going by this thumb rule 100000 visits can make you rich by 1000 $ and this can be possible with good contents and unique visitors. I have many AdSense accounts - one with 276000 visits yielded 290$ and the latest one earned 14$ from 1150 page views. Exact figures can not be shared as it will amount to AdSense policy violation.

    Ashok Goyal

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    It seems irregular presence of Mr Ashok Goyal in ISC is playing the memory game!
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