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    This old fashioned girl took a spectacular leap - many thanks to ISCians

    No, I did not go bungee-jumping or tandem-jumping with a parachute off a plane. I did my very first ever cashless transaction while shopping at a super market, using my ATM-cum-debit card. And guess who all were responsible for it? The various helpful members of my virtual family! I got a lot of guidance from many of you in this thread. Thank you very much, all of you.

    It may seem a small, childish thing to be proud of, but for me indeed it was a spectacular leap as I have honestly been scared of losing money through card transactions. I have used it once or twice for online flights booking, but never for anything else and never for offline store purchases. Following the instructions given in that thread, I took great care and bought the required groceries with the card. Felt mightily pleased and thrilled with myself, like a small kid discovering something new!

    The adventurous side of me just might try out bungee-jumping & tandem-jumping with a parachute too one day!
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    Congratulations for your victory over your fear!
    Similar is the case with my father. Earlier he was in a small town where he never used his debit/credit card for cash less or even online shipping.
    But when he shifted to Mumbai, we advised him for doing so as it will save his time and energy both. Initially, he was very much reluctant but after doing 4-5 online transactions, now he is confident and comfortable and paying all his bills, etc online only.


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    Congratulation. I am sure if you use UPI based app like PhonePay and pay some bills online. You're going to get addicted to digital payments. The reason being it takes a lot of time to go through offline stuff. I have found that UPI is lot simple and also for bill payment it is definitely the best option. I used to avoid debit card on some places like mall and restaurant. But I think paying for petrol through that can be good. See if your bank has offers for that on debit and credit card on fuel bills.

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    For those who have never done a cash less transaction before are now forced to do because of the necessity of the time and glad that Vandana is also marching with the time and getting into cash less mode.
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    Initially, every thing seems to be difficult and so is the case with on line Payment through the Debit - card or Credit - card. Such reluctance is noticeable in the initial phase and once you are tuned to the process by having a regular withdrawal from Debit- card/ Credit card through ATM or any purchase from the mall through card - payment, gradually your self esteem will enhance.
    Our Prime- minister has given much stress on the promotion of digital payment and hope such dynamic process of payment would see an upward trend with the time and no one even in the village would feel any hesitation in resorting to digital payments. These process are so fast and secured that we would be be using currencies on rare occasions - except for Milkman or Local vegetable - vendors.

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    I never thought the author of this thread would be an old fashioned girl, but a modern lady. Anyway, I liked the way she jumped with her ATM card for the first time successfully. Congratulation Madam Vandana. Also to Gypsy for his thread, and also the members who responded and guided the members to be a technical savvy.
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    Cashless transactions are always better and we don't need to give credit to our politicians who have become publicity mongers these days. We have to change with the time and glad to know that you have made your first cashless transaction successful. I could visualise the brightness in your eyes and thanks for sharing a useful thread by Gypsy which I missed due to my long spell of absence.

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    Its hard to believe that our Online site's managing editor have a phobia like this. I think first time to be a bit shaky cannot be denied for anyone but that first time moment coming now is a bit hard to believe. Anyway as they say better late than never. Its not about being old fashioned but about some fear we create based on what our own personality is to avoid unnecessary problems. I myself although finding something cheaper online but never able to trust them and neither their customer support. Family sometimes pushed me to doing it and sadly as much as I tried my fear came true with some or other kind of disappointments. I am glad you started with a positive result.
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    Initially when the ATM was introduced, if the card was placed on the slot, it would go inside and return only when the transaction is completed. So, there was a fear that we might not get the credit/debit card back from the slot. There were many complaints about losing of cards inside the machine. I too had the same fear, but never had an occasion to lose. This problem was eased after the introduction of swiping on the ATM.
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    @Sun: Your observation is correct. I had a bitter experience once at Bangalore where my ATM debit card stuck inside the ATM machine while drawing some amount. I had to stay back for a day to collect it at a centralized bank near Koramangala. Since then I preferred to use the ATM which has a swiping facility.

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    Just goes to show that every achievement, no matter how big or small does need to be shared with fellowmen and celebrated. We all love the attention our successes bring us, no matter how small or childish they may be.

    It also brings to the fore another very important question – how did you manage all these weeks, post the demonetization, without making any card transaction? Either you had lots of legal tender stashed at home or else had tremendous patience to have stood in queues at banks/ATMs to withdraw money.

    There could also be a situation where you did not need to make any purchases, as your home was well stocked with essentials or someone else at home was paying for them.

    Anyway, congratulations on your achievement. Look forward to you going bungee-jumping and/or tandem skydiving.

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    A good query but not a thoughtful query raised by a member at # 590036. I would say that it was possible to manage without using a credit/debit card. After demonetisation, I never used my ATM cards until 05 January 2017. I had used my bank cheque facility to withdraw cash from the bank, to run my home for 50+ days. Samething was done by our ME, I think.
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    Live life Kingsize!

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