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    Can we equate resigning from a job due to struggle to suicide?

    A friend of mine is having some problem in his job and he decided to quit and resigned. After seeing the issue from a neutral view, I find he might be exaggerating issues at workplace. No matter how valuable suggestion or remedy you provide but he looks like make up his mind and will not continue. I am finding it something like tendency of suicidal people or negative people who quit life with just drop of a hat or very minor issues. I have seen girls and boys suiciding at the lesser marks in Matriculation exam. I don't understand what they are imagining to get or achieve after a 10th Exam.

    So can we equate quick resigning as something suicidal tendency for persons. Please discuss.
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    Quick resigning from situations in life happens due to panic attacks. And panic attacks happen to people who overthink. Their mind tries to calculate lot of variables in life and try to find the safer position for themselves. Though this is natural built in survival mechanism. But it is being used in the wrong way. And it is often cause of the suicide. Because at one point mind wants to keep us in safe situation but in reality we are demanded to be vulnerable. This clash of situations lead to some people committing suicide.

    I think in future people will need some training on how to be vulnerable in life and things such as how to take criticism etc. Because not taking criticism and not being vulnerable and finding safe space is a bad habit. This often leads to the suicidal thoughts. Sometimes people are supposed to teach how to accept defeat.

    That's what I have observed after watching my brother who committed suicide under influence of alcohol.

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    For those who have never seen the challenging situation or tricky situation in life would be totally taken back when some negative things happen to them and they are caught off guard. Loosing a job is not a big issue. Given the talent one has the ability in getting a better job is always possible. Now the matter here is whether the job was quit or asked to resign. There is much difference between the two. If the job was quit for better prospects then no issue to worry. But when the job was gone due to sacking order , that bothers much. Because when a employee is sacked, the management wont leave him from harassment . They may hold the payment, they may hold the gratuity or even provident funds. They may hold the certificates submitted and even go to the extent of spoiling the chances of getting new job in other company. So keeping cordial relation in existing company is must.
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