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    What is the most difficult task while cooking?

    I have a question to all the members who cook everyday in the kitchen, what is most difficult to you? Is it the entire cooking process or chopping vegetables or deciding what to cook?
    This question arised to me because for me cooking is not a problem everyday. But deciding what to cook for all the 3 times a days is a big task. If I have to cook something special, that will be planned in advance. Only everyday meal is a problem.
    I asked this same question to all my friends and most of them have the same problem of deciding what to cook and very few friends have a problem with chopping or cooking itself or cleaning kitchen after cooking.
    I am just curious to know from others what you dislike about cooking?
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    What is the most difficult task while cooking? A good question. My answer would be - Cooking alone would be the most difficult task. If we have to stand alone and cook, we might find it difficult. But if we have an assistant( the hubby & wife, the MIL & DIL) cooking would be very interesting and cooking would be an easy job without any difficult task.

    Last week, I had to suffer without my wife. I did not feel like entering the kitchen to cook. I preferred hotels for all my 3 meals. I used the kitchen, only to prepare coffee & tea.

    No life without Sun

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    Adding the right content of flavors is the biggest challenge for any cook. You may chop the vegetables , or others may help you out in cleansing the vegetables, even you might have decided the menu for the day or others might help you to suggest , but when it comes to adding right ingredients to the menu, that is the greatest challenge as two factors matter here. Firstly how much quantity you have to make and much ingredients like salt, pepper, mirchi and haldi etc. All these would certainly matter for the better cooking so that guests who are invited should give good comments after eating food.
    K Mohan
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