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    Do you support simulteneous polls to assemblies and for the Parliament on single day?

    Now we are having latest gadgets and technology which would enable us to do many things from our mobile. When we can make selective payments through our mobiles through specific app. Likewise the Election Commission should connect every Aadhaar card with the EVM's or online election polling site and the voters can be asked to vote for the parties to both assembly and Parliament seats for all the states in one go and in one day. By doing so the government can save much money, much man power and above all there wont be violence or booth capturing and even polling stations not needed. Members can join this group discussion.
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    It is always ideal to go for the elections for both the Loksabha and state assembly at one go. It would help in reducing expenditure for the Government exchequer. But the problem arises when there is a fractured verdict which may lead to keep the assembly in suspended animation due to the inability of the largest number of seat winning political party to muster the requisite number of seats to form the Government. In India, we are having a stable Government at the centre after a long time i.e after 1984. Succeeding governments including the one by PVN Rao didn't get the simple majority to form on their own. A confident Modi is now leading the argument and likely to achieve his idea into practice but what if, he fails to get absolute majority in the next election?

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    I feel that a complete E-polling will be a failure in our country. There are various reasons for this.

    1. Not all the people in India has an internet connection.
    2. In many households, the internet is used by the youngsters, so there is a chance that the older people may not know how to use it.
    3. Indian voters are in many categories, we have got old men and women well into their 80's and we have got illiterate people who will find it really difficult to use the E-polling system.
    4. When all the voting takes place in a single day, that's millions of votes and tagging, categorizing will be a big issue. There is only so much that machines can do.
    5. A simple transition from ballet papers to ballet machines took some years to fully implement.
    6. In this age when hacking Technics are available in YouTube as a tutorial, if the programme is not secure, then there will be manipulations and leakage of data.

    I would say the whole idea of conducting the whole elections in one day may really bring negative results than positive.


    Lets all try to create a better tomorrow for India.

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