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    Listening to Rhymyes still makes me happy

    Listening rhymes can be stress busters! Or, so says the author! And rhymes and cartoons can take you back to your childhood days! Do you agree? Join this discussion and share your views and experiences. Remember 'Jack and Jill' or 'Humpty Dumpty'? Do rewind!

    Recently, in a family function, a small girl was listening to all the rhymes and those rhymes immediately bought a smile on my face. I could remember my childhood days which made me very happy. In the evening I came and played few of the rhymes which were like stress busters. I think we all have a child in us and doing certain childish things will always make us happy and relaxed. I still like to listen to rhymes, watch cartoons and animated movies no matter how old I am getting. I feel not only listening to songs relaxes us but even rhymes and cartoons will equally relax our mind and bring an instant happiness.
    Do you also feel the same? Have you tried listening to rhymes and experienced that happiness?
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    Basically poems and music are stress buster for a majority of persons. Childhood rhymes are one step ahead, you go back to your golden period when you were oblivious of the worldly affairs and were deeply engrossed in your favorite cartoons and rhymes.
    I remember my school days when we were impatiently waiting for the new number of Lee Falk's - The Phantom series. The thrill is still there in the deep back of my mind and getting opportunity I go through them to revive those old times and memories.
    'Baa, Baa, Black Sheep', 'Humpty Dumpty' and 'Hickory Dickory Dock' are some of them still lingering in our minds.
    Undoubtedly, there is nothing more nostalgic then these childhood memories.

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    I fully agree with the author.
    I still recite the songs and rhymes learned in my child hood and early school days.

    There was no LKG,UKG system in my childhood times. So it was my maternal grandmother who taught me many rhymes and songs even before I was put to school. Later my mother also taught me some of the thymes she learned in her school days.Those are not only having the rhythmic & rhyming flow , but have some subtle lessons in them. As I had repeated them many hundred times then, they still stay in my memory.

    Just like singing the film songs, I also sing these rhymes and childhood songs when I am in a different mood. The irony is that I sing them when I am a bit down as well as I am happy. Sometimes I get transported to my young days while singing them and I feel nostalgic.

    Recently I got a WhatsApp video clip in which a grand old woman sings the 'Twinkle Twinkle little star' song . It contains more stanzas than the first one which is usually recited. I did not delete it because that brought memory of my mother teaching me the same(with more stanzas) when I was about six or seven.

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    Yes I am also with the author on the subject. One of my relative son who is well versed in operating the smart phone always listens to modern rhymes which are not only impressive but with catchy words. In fact when he plays those rhymes often even we tend to by-heart it because it is played again and again. One such rhyme which attracted me was Daddy finger, Mummy finger. Here what I am trying to say that though we get old and resigned from the past memories, when some thing get reminded, we suddenly get ignited and connected to the past memories of childhood and that gives great feeling.
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    I did not study in any nursery or pre KG or LKG or UKG to know the English rhymes. I started my studies from the first standard in a Tamil medium school at the age of 5. We were taught the Tamil songs/rhymes written by Avvaiyar and MahaKavi Subramanya Bharathi. The famous Bharathi's rhyming songs for children are:

    Odi Vilaiyaadu Paappaa
    Nee Oynthirukkalaahathu Paappaa
    Koodi vilaiyaadu Paappaa
    Oru kuzhanthaiyai vaiyaathe Paappaa
    Kai veesammaa Kaiveesu
    Kadaikku Pogalaam Kaiveesu
    Mittaai vaangalaam Kaiveesu
    Methuvaai thinkalaam Kaiveesu.

    My Mom used to sing the following Tamil rhymes:
    Neela vanna Kannaa Vaadaa
    Nee oru Muththam thaadaa

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    Yes , listening rhymes gives us happiness.I am running Nursery Teachers Training.The trainees perform rhymes with actions.These all make the environment pleasant.The actions of trainees also make us to laugh.
    The nursery rhymes give us a good lesson too.

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