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    Welcome the to be born girl child!

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    As we all know that identifying sex before a giving birth to child is illegal according to law. But still such things are going around us. Actually I had thought that it must be in rural areas where people are uneducated. But recently, through the media, I came to know that even parents in metro cities, who are educated, have negative thoughts about girl child and they abort it if it is a girl child or leave it in any remote area like orphan child. So I wish to give a message through this forum that before aborting a girl child "Please keep yourself at that place and think".

    So let's welcome new born children to this beautiful world with new/old wishes and pray for their good education because 'today's children are tomorrow's citizen's of India'. I just wanted to create an awareness and hope that in this new year such type of illegal things will not happen any more.
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    Having girl child is the most important gift we have ever. This fact is not understood by many of the people in our country. Though it is crime of sex determination before the birth of the child only to check whether it will be girl, but I think the people should keep it on moral ground that sex determination and hating girl child is same as hating own growth. I would like to put irony here of a news form Rajasthan where some group abuse and attack on Sanjay Leela Bhansali over rani padmavati pride but the child sex ratio is low in this state and 40% of girls are mother by the age of 19 also there is 893 girl are born for every 1000 boys. This scenario can be seen in near state.
    Adding to literate population I became numb what can we say over that.
    I like your thread and such thread should be raised to make people aware. At the end I would like to light up my hope with your hope.

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    For me girl child or boy child does not matter. In fact in our house we treat both of them with same respect and honor. Having one male child and one female child is very ideal for any home. But some people are averse to having girl child as they feel she is the liability and not asset. Such feelings must be removed and a girl child should be welcomed on par with a male child. I strongly feel that a girl child brings lots of pleasure, happiness and above all the home would be full with her presence itself. Even a daughter is married and goes to in laws house, her remembrance about parents would always be there.
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    I personally love girl child and would love to have a daughter. These days may people wish to have a girl child only. There can be no one as affectionate and understanding as a daughter. Yet, as you said in some places they would like to know the sex of a unborn child just to abort if it is a girl child. In today's world, both girl and a boy are equal and are giving equal contribution. Everyone should stop wishing only for a boy and should whole heartedly welcome a girl child and show equal love and care as they show to a boy.

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    It is an irony that in a nation where female deities are worshipped for 'shakti', 'vidya' and 'dhan' etcetera, girl children are butchered before they are born or immediately after birth. Female foeticide and female infanticide are both prevalent. How do people kill their own child? Such ruthlessness, and yet girls are 'ghar ki Laxmi'.
    It highlights the extent of gender discrimination that is prevalent in our society. Look at what happened in the North East. There was such violence and disorder because men were against the 33% quota women were granted, in the elections to civic bodies. Their grouse was that this reservation went against their tribal tradition. They do not want to be governed by women.

    A lot has to change, for change to happen. Mindsets have to be refurbished only then will society change.

    A documentary shot in Punjab discussed the impact of female foeticide and infanticide on society. There are villages in Punjab where men cannot find brides, as the male to female ratio is very low. Men there get brides from far-flung rural belts of West Bengal. I have come across newspaper reports where newborn baby girls are fed the juice of poisonous berries to kill them. Such gruesomeness!

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