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    How can the government control medical professional's income taxes?

    There are many medical related professions starting from pharmaceutical companies, small clinics or hospitals, pharmacists, medical representatives and doctors etc. which sometimes takes payments unofficially by cash. We do not generally argue much for receipts except for big amount bills. But as we know, any amount should be taxed as even a small amount will contribute a big income at the end of the day. There might be more fields like this but we are looking for is what is going on currently in the medical field and whether that is right?
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    Yes I agree with the author that some of the medical professional field is having high money charging mode and in that Hospitals admission charges are the foremost. When ever a patient is admitted to a private hospital and if happens to be of five start facility, surely the attendants are advised to pay a advance of at least 50000 rupees on which admission is granted and the treatment starts. Irrespective of the disease or requirement, the hospital keep on charging for the tests conducted which are not required at all. All these are made in cash payment and the hospital wont keep record of it as the bill given to us is temporary only.
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    Medical and Education fields are the most corrupt fields where black money is held in huge amount. There is no check on the income received by the hospitals, clinics, universities, colleges and schools. There are lot of unaccounted money rolling with the professionals like doctors and professors. Doctors earn lot, but pay very less as income tax for namesake. After the politicians, medical and education professionals are holding large black money. Government should find some means and methods to check this medical and education field income to levy the taxes.
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