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    Did you have depression in your life anytime ? If so could you find the reason for that ?

    Life is a continuous struggle and one has to persistently keep the tempo to cope up. Many times we are unsuccessful in our endeavors, sometimes we are sentimentally hurt, other times we are in financial crisis and things like that.
    Some take it sportingly as part of life, some are hurt, disturbed and fall in depression trap and sometimes it is difficult for them to come back to normalcy. Though in many cases people recover and become fully normal in short time.
    What is your experience and let us share our views on this.
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    I am of a person with good confidence level in me even the situations and the time goes against and worse. I made my mind in such a way that when success comes to me I treat it as bonus and when failures comes to me, I take it as a opportunity to fine tune myself. In this situation going in depression does not arise. When ever we think of a task or challenge, always think about the worst thing that can happen and prepare for it to be faced. So I have trained my life that way since the childhood and that is the reason I cannot he carried away with reversal in life and failures on daily basis.
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    I always remain depressed. May be because I can't communicate my feelings very clearly. Secondly I think much about my family-members and I treat my brother's family and sister's family like my own family although now we are scattered in Kolkata and Delhi.
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    At times I feel low for certain reasons but I don't call it as a depression. I just sit quietly in my room, I listen to music or watch some comedy scenes and try to recover myself or I even cry for sometime to remove all the frustration. Feeling low is common for all for one or the other thing and people will have their own way of dealing with it.
    I do agree some people are more sensitive and think a lot. But sharing things with someone very close might make their heart light.

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    I feel depressed to meet a person in depression.Most of people are depressed these days.Depression is due to being too much ambitious.Some girls come in depression after their marriage.The situation of their in-laws houses are different from their parents' house.
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