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    Where there is a will there is a way

    Where there is a will there is a way,If this statement is true than why so many people can not make way,although they set goals they have will to achieve it.They do hard work achieving the goals ,but they don't achieve those.
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    Will is one of the hardest thing to keep consistent. Our mind has plenty of other variables to play with. And just will alone does not solve the problem. However keeping will when things are not going well, makes sense. Sometimes having will alone does not help. Sometimes it does help. So yes, the statement is true. We have to go with the "where there is a will there is a way". I think for many people having will is only thing that can solve their problems.

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    As you said some people work hard to achieve their goals but still don't achieve what they want. Here what I feel is hard work alone will not help in achieving. Hard work along with smart work is required. A proper planning should be done to achieve various thing and then work hard according to the plan.
    For example, a student will set a target to score 90 marks in the examination but a proper planning won't be done. A student will work hard, byhearting things, work day and night but end moment he won't get result as expected because there would be no proper planning of things to be done and completed. I am the own example of being such student.
    So hard work along with smart work is necessary to achieve something in life.

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    The goal should be realistic. There should be strong will and effort to explore the ways. Then one will find the right way.

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