Losing art of making a lake.

A friend of mine works in the water department and he was saying to me that in coming years we would have no water safe to consume without having treated so everybody had to depend on the water department for the needs. Today, many regions inducing those who have appreciated rainfall throughout the season are classified in dark zones because in harsh summer the water table shrinks to nothing. This happens just because we are not left with much of the sources to store water. Eventually, many funds are allocated by the government for watershed development, but regulation and execution, still is a big issue. I was watching a documentary on television where a researcher was pointing out the old, traditional and yet effective methods of conserving water and that was through making lakes. Our forefathers were very educated and aware about the water crisis and they took pertinent steps to build lakes and hence had a good water table. Sometimes the traditional methods are needed to be sought. Discuss with your knowledge.