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    Difference between a cosmopolitan city and a normal city ?

    We say that a particular city is cosmopolitan while another one is not. What are the criterion for a city to become a cosmopolitan city. Can you name cosmopolitan cities in India, if any ?
    Basically cosmopolitan city is defined as a place where people are free from local, provincial, or national bias or attachment.
    Let us give our views to understand the issue in more details specially in reference to India.
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    The name itself explain the scenario of the two type of city. Cosmopolitan means which is not indifferent to any body and ready adapt changes. Normal city is the one on the path of cosmopolitan city(If it want to develop).
    For example Mumbai, Delhi, and all metro city of the India is in the category of the cosmopolitan city where as Jammu, Sri Nagar and some city in the North east are the example of the Normal city in India.

    Well done is better than well said

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