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    Old is new for the new - A different thought

    Dear members,
    I say that Old is new to the new. You may or may not agree. But it is the truth. To know why it is so, read the following:

    Many people knows that I am owning a good old Padmini. Only the oldies know that my Padmini is too old in the automobile society. But many new people may not know about my Padmini. My Padmini has been made up to look attractive with efficient performance.

    Many new people born in the last decade haven't seen such a vehicle in their life, and they all wonder to see my good old Padmini as a new vehicle among the present day vehicles.

    Old is Gold, and also Old is New to the new.

    @ This is also an entry to the TOW contest on New/Anew
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    Dear Sir,
    I totally agree with your thought. I have also create the thread to support the thought. If I am going to buy a second hand bike it is old to seller but New for me.

    Find my thread here
    Wow, I found it. The old is New to me.

    Well done is better than well said

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    It is a practical truth. The matter depends on how and what one is familiar with. When I was in my college I met an old Gandhian in his eighties. At that time he was teaching Sanskrit to a Muslim owning a very popular hotel. In exchange the old man was learning Arabic from the hotel owner. For each of them one language was new learning and the one they knew was old knowledge.

    I read a joke recently. A title boy who was born and brought up I the Gulf came to his grandparents house in a village I Kerala. There he saw the hen they reared. The boy ran behind it and the hen ran for escaping. For a long-time the running and chasing was going on. At last the hen became tired and lay still for some time. The boy then shouted to his grandma that the toy had run out of batteries and he needs replacement for that.

    When the grandmother came out and showed that it was not a toy running on battery, but a real living bird, it was quite new learning for the boy.
    Sometimes old and new are just relative feelings.

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    For the human being we cannot discard some thing which is very dear to us no matter it gets old. People get obsessed with such thing and cherish the good memories behind that. In this case your old Premier car seems to be very dear to you than your wife. I can understand. When we live with the old things, we wont throw them or discard them just because it became old. We cherish every moment of life because it is still with us amid withstanding the evil eyes of others. I am also jealous as to how you maintained your old vehicle and made it new and that seems to be better than new.
    K Mohan
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    Yes I agree to you. There are many things which we enjoyed in our childhood and shared with others now as memories also, people feel and say that it is new to them.

    But Sun you have not linked both the threads in the TOW announcement!

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Yes. I did not link the threads with the TOW announcement thread. The announcement thread has already been locked. Doesn't matter. I never failed, but failed now. It is a new experience to me.

    No life without Sun

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