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    What would have happened if the circular shape was not invented/discovered?

    A circular object is a very important object. Just imagine if a circle/circular/round was not invented, and think what would have happened, and how we would be living.

    Just think well and post your responses.
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    The circular shape have its own importance. The Universe is full of circular. All the all member of the solar system. Our moon, drop of the rain, etc you will find nature has given importance to it. So We have to give. It will be very hard to run daily stuff without circle, circular object.
    To me the circular shape or a circle is not invented but it is discovered by the human, they observe its utility and to make our life faster.
    If it was not discovered. We might be very slow in our transit from place to place. The moon and all our solar system member may be of triangle or square shape. The most affected area of the non availability of circle is our transportation system. It will definitely collapsed with big break.

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    Circular and all other shapes are available in the nature and universe. It is only the rational explanations and making them into our use that humans have done.
    The uniqueness of a circle is that it does not have a beginning or end
    Man has devised methods to draw a circle. He has learned about a circle by continuously observing circles from nature around him.


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    Well when there is no circle, then no life , no progress. Take any best thing in this earth. They are circle and useful. The sun, the earth, the planets, the moon, the eyes, the tyres for vehicles, and so on. Circle makes the things to move fast. In fact our time machine or Kaal chakra is also in circle. The seasons are coming in a year in circle format. And why we meet some people after some years because we believe in the circle and thus they meet us some where or the other because this earth rotates and revolves in circle around the sun. So without circle there is no life and no meaning.
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    Things that comes to my mind if circle shape was not discovered or invented:
    1. There would have been no tires or wheels created, and transportation would have become tough.
    2. Sports like football, cricket, tennis, table tennis, snooker pool, billiards, handball, basketball, golf, etc. and all those games that included round objects could not be played.
    3. Alphabet 'O' wouldn't exist!
    4. Bottles would have existed without caps.
    5. There would be no full moon appearance.
    6. There would have been no round clocks, round cakes, etc.
    7. Number '0' would not have existed.
    8. Round Bangles would not have existed.
    9. Round clocks would not have existed and much more.

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    I am giving a silly response to this question. If there wouldn't be a circular shape then we would not have the word circular. Might this shape was known by another name, might life was completely different, we could not defined shape of universe. May be ornaments like bangles would have a square shape. Rotation could be done by any other circular route.

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    Without a circle/circular shape, wheel would not be invented. Needless to say, without a wheel, the civilisation would remain at least 2000 years behind.

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