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    Who decides the expiry date of a woman's dream?


    Who decides the expiry date of a woman's dream? This is a question raised in a south Indian film. I don't know whether the same film was remade in Hindi or in any other language.

    Members who have seen the film and not seen the film may post their creative answer to this interesting question.
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    I have seen the original Malayalam movie. The film answers by its story flow that it is the woman herself who has control on her dreams and goals. If she is determined and works focused, she can achieve her dreams as reality.

    Let me tell one point here. Not just women, but men also have dreams always. It starts from childhood. When we see an elephant and mahout the child feels that to be a mahout is a big thing and it dreams becoming a mahout. A girls child may feel that the teaching job is a big thing and she may imitate her class teacher and dream of becoming a teacher.
    But dreams can change when we grow.

    Similarly for an adult woman also her dreams need not be constant. By experience, evaluating priorities etc. she may change her dreams also.

    Wwhen two old classmates meet, one may remark "OMG, you wanted to be a playback singer and now you are rotting your life , looking after mother-in-law , husband and kids?" . For the second party, it may appear that the first woman's dreams are shattered and now she is doing things against her will and inside wish. That is where we all go wrong. It may be that none has put any spoke into her dreams. But she would have consciously re-arranged her priorities and truly finding happiness and importance in her new assignment and roles. She may also be silently preparing and working for old dream also.

    Let us understand that each one ,whether manor woman, has own dreams. Sometimes they find them as silly and discard at a later date. For some that may grow more strong and adamant. They may work focused and the do all efforts and achieve that. Some others may not put the right focus and may dilly-dally and lose steam, and star blaming others. Some others simply re-arrange their priorities and derive more happiness from the new priorities and realities than what their early dream achievement would have given them.

    Life is a conscious and considered compromise and adjustment between dreams and realities .

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    Well I have not seen the said film but certainly floored by the the title of the question that posed. I think women alone responsible for the expiry of date of death of their own dream. Because dreaming is not bad. But dreaming which wont happen, dreaming for the fantasy world, dreaming for such a life which is not destined and waiting for the thing to happen. Often women think and visualize what should be her would be husband and run her imagination to such a extent that even in nights the same thought comes as dream. In that melee some are not accepting the alliance come their way and thus miss the bus of good life.
    K Mohan
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    Every one dreams whether man or woman. It is a natural phenomenon. Dream is nothing but what a person is thinking or seeing in his mind during sleep. It could be a desire, fantasy, hope, aspiration, ambition and things like that but it is all in imagination stage.
    Human mind is always thinking in background for fulfilling the ambitions. Someone who can bring his dreams to realty is the successful person.
    A man in general dreams for his career, affluence, status etc while a woman dreams of career, family, love, financial stability etc. She has a soft side as she is more attached to her children. She weighs love more than the physical attraction.
    Like men, a woman has to work hard and struggle to achieve her aspirations. This is a cruel world and woman being a weaker sex has to be more careful and cautious while converting her aspirations to realty. She is the master of her destiny if she determines to take up the things in her own stride.
    So expiry date of her dreams is in her own hands.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A genuine dream is never expired, It always remains. It is immetarial who is dreaming- a man or a woman.
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    Dreams regardless of gender are limited by the environment, health, money, social constraints and support of people around. It can come and go. Some though their dreams were lost and then in later found their dream back. And some lost it forever. It all depends on variables. One can't control 100% of all variables in life. Dream regardless of gender has that part.

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    This thread reminds me of my comparison when I see both the films in Malayalam as well as Tamil and in fact I have even given my review here in ISC. But after that when I visited a Petrol Bunk there I have seen a board of an article written by some one in some on line portal where he said, he was very much expected about the Tamil film and its after effects as it had happened in Kerala but sad to see that Tamil audience is only celebrated the come back of the heroine though in both the films, heroines come back happened but in Kerala it has good effect of awareness and happening of organic farming. So if one film is hit in one language it may not have same effect in other languages. Similarly I could see other film Drishyam which have maximum remakes in other languages.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Dream which are seen by open eyes doesn't not have any expiry date doesn't matter they have seen by a woman or man. If any woman want to fulfill her dreams then she should work for it. In male dominating society it is presumed that woman should stop watching dreams after a particular age or time. But dreams of someone have a expiry date then only that individual is responsible for that date.

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    A woman is more sensitive, sentimental and affection seeking than that of men. Her dreams and aspirations are accordingly manifested. She has to find her path of success herself and convert her dreams and desires in reality.
    She knows very well when and how her dreams will expire and accordingly she has to plan, struggle, find ways ahead to fulfill her desires.
    She decides the expiry date of her dreams.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Woman alone decides the expiry date of her dream.These days ,there are no hurdles in the way of woman,who wants to go head.After Independence,women have privilege to do what they want.As the result the two astronomers of India achieved the height.If women have hundred percent determination to go ahead ,who will stop them?
    Modern women know how to go ahead.

    Service to mankind is service to God.

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    In my opinion, it is not only women, but both the genders are responsible for the expiry date of their dreams. To dream is a natural phenomenon. Anyone can imagine anything in their dreams. There is as such no restriction for dreaming.
    Though dreams do not have an expiry date the decision to fulfill one's own dream or not is in their hands.

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    There is no deadline for Men and Women dream. As long as you can have them, visualize them, you can have them. I dream to work and make my family happy. This is a life long vision I have, and I will have to continue doing that. I have a dream to do good for children who are disabled and this will also be there till my last breath.

    There is no expiry!

    Iti Tyagi
    "Soar to Success"

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