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    When we get a new friend it is sweet and when it becomes true it is sweeter.

    Who will say not to making friends. No doubt old friends are very dear to us and we cherish their every moment of life. But making new friends is also a great progress in life. When we are behaving with a good peer group, surely good hearts must be working together. That makes us to meet one or two person casually and exchange pleasantries. That very moment turn out to be sweet as we have met new person. And if that contact becomes a regular feature and the new friend turns out to be a true friend, then our life becomes more sweeter. What is your say ?
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    I shall add some fun to your good statement.
    When we get a new friend it is sweet, and if we get a new true friend it is sweeter, and if we get a new true girl or boy friend it is the sweetest. Hope all would agree without any disagreement.

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    Yes definitely it is sweet to have new friends and sweeter if the new friend turns out to be the dear one with whom we can share each and every silly things. Friends are really required in one's life and maintaining the friendship is even more important as each person's mind set is different there will be difference of opinion. But passing through all the differences and continuing the relation is the greatest thing. Sometimes, new friends whom we meet becomes the dearer one whom we can rely at any time and we meet new people everyday. I have made so many new friends in the park out if which one person is really very close to me now whom I can reply upon at any time.

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