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    How can you describe Mr. Panner Selvam in Tamil politics?

    Finally as thought by the media and as expected by the people Mrs. Sasi Kala is going to be the next CM of Tamilnadu. Mr.Panner Sevam in brief terms at various junctures ruled Tamilnadu as a CM. We see a character of honest personality in Mr.Panner Selvam and without any restraint has sacrificed his post. We cannot see such a character and person in present day politics. Do you think will Mrs. Sasikala can retain hold on the party and can rule the State like Ms.Jayalaltha? Dear folk what is your thought about Mr. Panner Selvam and Ms. Sasikala? What is your future thoughts about the politics of Tamilnadu?
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    What to say about ADMK and its leaders. The leaders have flexible spinal cord that they can bend and touch the earth with no difficulty. Mrs. Sasikala is a strong personality moulded by Ms JJ the former Gen sec of ADMK and CM of Tamilnadu. What I suspect is - The Small Madam has abnormal wealth acquired during JJs regime. She has both money power and muscle power that made the ADMK leaders to kneel down to Chinnamma. It is the question of survival as leaders under the command of Chinnamma who can make her party leaders to dance according to her tune with her money power. Mr Panner Selvam is not much interested in state welfare, but for personal welfare only. We need to wait and watch Tamilnadu politics.
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    In my opinion, Mr. Panner Selvam has been the most trusted second-in-command in contemporary Indian politics. Earlier, he was 2-iC of Ms. Jayalalithaa, now he is 2-iC of Ms. Sashikala. He is nothing more than a puppet Chief Minister. The string is with Ms. Sashikala.
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    It is a loophole in Indian political Act. How can a person without being elected by people become CM. This should be changed. TN is under danger now. Mrs.Sasikala can't retain and there is bright possibility for D.M.K to rule.

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    To become CM of Tamilnadu, Chinnamma Sasikala need to wait for some MLA to die, or some MLA to resign. This would pave way for a mid-term poll, and Sasikala would contest from that constituency. With the money and muscle power, she will win the heart of the voters to get elected. After her win, she would be Chief Minister of Tamilnadu. This can happen for sure.

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    I am getting irritated and my BP is raising on seeing the happenings in Tamil Nadu. Tamil people are known for their no compromise attitude and in this case they are keeping quiet. Just for the cause of Jallikattu when entire state was united, in this case they are unable to have unity. Just because Shashikala being the close friend of late Jaya, she cannot take the place of CM post. And Pannerselvam is under tremendous pressure to bow to the diktat of her policies and thus pave way for smooth transition. The MLA's must have agreed for Shashikala as CM but there is overwhelming protest in the social media and that is not cared. What I am fore seeing in TN is the definite chance for M K Stalin as the next CM of Tamil Nadu when assembly elections would be held. He has already gone on record to defeat Shashikala when she has to stand election and win to continue as CM.
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    As every English channel describes he is loyal to his party. There is no way in AIADMK that they should survive and eat the fruit earned by JJ and they can compromise anything.
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    Sun #589973,
    That is why I am saying it is a loophole. Only the person after winning mid-election should be appointed as CM. Sasikala is a person who even not contested for an election yet, but she is likely to be CM of TN,
    Wondering how big is the loophole in Indian political Act!


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    This is where our democracy fails. We claim to the world that our country is the strongest democratic country in the world but we put a blind eye to the sycophancy, idol worship in politics and bow out to the dictatorial attitude of certain leaders. The great pandits of constitution perhaps never visualized that there would be a back door entry for the top positions. Otherwise, they would have incorporated a provision for 'recall'. Poor Indian voter feels he is great on the voting day and stands as a mute spectator for five years. We can't help it.

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    If Rabri Devi, wife of Lallu Prasad Yadav can become CM of Bihar, why not Sasikala who is a close associate of former CM JJ of TN? This is what our constitution of India and election commission of India permits. Any citizen of India irrespective of educated or illiterate, aged or young, man or woman can contest election and become Chief minister or Prime Minister.

    I too do not welcome Sasikala becoming the CM of Tamilnadu. There is no leader in ADMK to take over the leadership. Sasikala took advantage of this situation with her money power. According to me, ADMK will die down and DMK will rise again with Stalin during next election.

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    I think that this particular thread is on the role of Mr. Panner Selvam, the latest 'former' Chief Minister of Tamilnadu. But discussion has shifted to Ms. Sashikala, the present chief Minister.
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    Partha, Read the contents of the thread carefully, not the title. The discussion is about both the person. " Dear folk what is your thought about Mr. Panner Selvam and Ms. Sasikala?" is the part of the thread content.

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    Mr Partha,
    The discussion is about the CM of TN. The question raised is about Sasikala becoming CM overtaking OPS(O Panner Selvam). Sasikala is bold and strong while OPS is weak and unstable. Panner Selvam is purely a puppet. He wishes to remain as a second in command without any responsibilities, and to take orders only from the CM as an obedient, humble, simple and submissive Minister.

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