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    Never force your opinions on others

    Every person is unique and have their unique way of thinking of doing things. But sometimes we would like to do something and we will end up forcing our opinions on others. Because of this others will get irritated. We should discuss and come to conclusions of various things but forcing only our thoughts and opinions and expecting a person to do things according to us is completely wrong. We should respect others opinions as well.
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    Exactly. I absolutely second you. There is a big difference between the act of forcing one's opinion and act of substantiating your views or opinion on a subject. And again, every opinion is about an individuals perspective which should be respected. I felt an urge to reply to this post as I had been impacted due to a similar kind of scenario in recent times. Some people want to have their opinion or view as the final word on the subject turning a discussion into debate, eventually concluding it to be an unfavorable atmosphere. This sometimes create a drift in relationship and the topic itself. We should learn to, first of all listen to the opinion which in many of the cases I have observed to be missing. Your thoughts are absolutely right but then, that doesn't mean am wrong is what needs to be understood.

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    Yeah.. Author is right. Anyone should not impose his own opinions or thoughts on any other person. Every one has different thinking. All have different ways to do same work. Other person might or might not agree on your thoughts and they are not bound to think or do according to you. Everyone should have his/her own space to think, understand or do things.

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    Some people have the boss over attitude which induces them to force their views and opinions on others irrespective of the fact that they are liked or required. That is the very bad attitude and this we can find in every home. When ever some relatives meet and when they are busy in talking on some issues, surely one of them would come with a irritating sub matter which is not concerned to the subject and yet he goes on bossing over others much to the irritation of every one sitting there. It is better to avoid such characters otherwise we may also change our mindset.
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    Yes, you are correct! We should not force anyone to do something. Everyone has got the right to be free in life. All of them should be given their space in life. Every person is creative and unique in his/her way, and so one should not force their opinions on others. Because it feels irritating when someone does it to you. Each one of us have a different thinking and point of view in our life. So instead of judging people, it would be much better if we try to understand them. Because most of the times such small issues lead to a debate and end up with a fight. And eventually, it will lead to hampering of relationship.
    In such cases, it is better to be a "good listener." Avoid arguments and do what you feel is right instead of giving justification for every matter.

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