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    What would you like to have as the symbol of your political party?

    Everywhere there is news swarming around as the elections are taking place. Who will be the leader has become the question in everyone's mind. At the time of huge campaigning let's take this thread to hypothetical creativity where, suppose the election commission has given you a chance to have your own party symbol upto the choice of yours. Don't take it against the constitutional rules as it is just a hypothetical observation. Mention in your comments the symbol you want to have for your own political party and state the reason for your selection. And hurry someone else could take your symbol
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    I would choose the symbol of 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread. It has a Biblical connotation to it. It symbolises the miracle of 'Feeding the Multitude' where Jesus fed a huge crowd, of thousands with just two loves of Barley bread and five fish.

    Two fish and 5 loaves are a symbolic representation of Christ and often found carved in Churches and embroidered on altar cloth and vestments worn by the priests. I like the symbol for what it signifies and the look of it, and would, therefore, love to have it as a symbol for my political party. Despite the choice of my symbol, my party would not be a religious minority party.

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    As a party leader I would like two have TWO EYES as my party symbol. This would mean that my party will be watchful and caring the public and always keep alert and vigilant. Also, the eyes will catch the corrupt people and eradicate corruption.
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    If i am the leader of my political party than i would like to choose broom(jhadu) symbole means swab the corruption.

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