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    Ultimate goal of life

    The ultimate goal of life is getting peace in life.I believe in helping others.By helping others we help ourselves.In my opinion by helping others we get peace in life.What is your opinion about ultimate goal of life?What do you do to get peace in life.?
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    In my opinion, there is nothing 'ultimate' in life. So, the ultimate goal should be to die peacefully after fulfilling the duties.
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    Even I feel there is nothing as ultimate goal for life. But yes, being peaceful in life is required and everyone wishes to be peaceful. Being peaceful is in our hands. Some people help others but still don't find peace because they will have something to worry about everytime. So being peaceful is in our hands and how we take things. We should just accept life the way it comes, enjoy every moment ignoring bad things, taking only positive thoughts and things.

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    Being peaceful with our past action should be the goal. But the surrounding around and the nature requires us to do different things. I think at the core of our life we are passing our genes ahead and sharing the knowledge. Other than this we are not doing anything different on grand scale. So it does not get anything like ultimate goal. It could be ultimate goal if we go out of this planet and populate it. Maybe then we have different set of goals and scenarios to deal with. Because most of the people just grow up, do work, have kids and then some day die. No amount of work can change the basic things we do - passing our genes and sharing knowledge.

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    I will skip the philosophical view of what life is and what is its ultimate goal. I will instead focus on the ultimate goal of my life, as perceived by me. I believe in the maxim – "Do what you do, do well". These words are from a song by Ned Miller. These words are also what my husband always tells our daughter when she is about to attempt something new or finds success in what she has done. In fact, there is a coffee mug that we presented her to mark her 16th birthday and we had these same words printed on it.

    "Do what you do, do well", is a constant reminder to give all you do your best. It pushes you to achieve. It reminds you not to do things halfheartedly and to put everything into what you do. For me, the ultimate goal of my life is to think clearly and act with conviction, giving my all to every task or responsibility.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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