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    Everyone who have some deficiency have less hope??

    There is a saying that no one is perfect. All of us can not deny this fact. In this world we meet many type of people. Some of them are smart, rich, good looking enough and some doesn't have these all qualities. In my train Journey I met a girl who had met with an accident and burned her hand completely. Going through our talks she said that everyone who have some deficiency in his/her body has less hope for good things in life. Is this true ??

    And if someone thinks like that how can she/he overcome from these thoughts ??
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    Yes it is true. When the people who are having high aspirations in life and suddenly meet with an accident and that gives the bad hope of not recovering fully, then their dreams are shattered and they will living in hopeless world. Actually such people must be motivated and given confidence that nothing is impossible in the world. I was watching a video ad on Beti Bachao where in a woman lost both her hands and yet she studied and become the teacher and the way she was writing the lessons on the board with two legs was very inspiring and hope the author got the answer from my side.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It may be true or may not be true. It depends on the person. Some people name their disability as weakness and don't try to achieve something. They will lack confidence and they will fear of doing things. We must help such people to do what they want and encourage them. There are other people whom we see or we come across who take their disability as a challenge and try doing something in one or the other field. I was watching a show on television and saw about a acid attack survivor who was passionate about being a beautician. Acid attack did not stop her from achieving what she wanted to. She became a beautician and even started her own beauty parlor were many people go to her. There are many disabled people who even take part in Olympics, swimming etc.
    If we find a person has interest in something and is lacking confidence for one or the other weakness, we should push him and encourage him as they are no less than normal people.

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    In my opinion everyone has something or the other deficiency. Deficiency may not be always physcial in nature. Someone may be deficient in thoughts, someone may be deficient in approach. Peoplewith physical deficiency who take their deficiency as challenge, no need of worrying in fulfilling their targets as their hope will always be high. In other way who dont take it as challenge and awaits sympathy should be enlightened. Many of such category will flourish with a little ignition of their mind.

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