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    What will happen when the animals get united and attack human beings across the globe ?

    Every time we come across the news and images and even videos on the social network that poachers and attackers mercilessly kill animals either for their skin or something else and that has become increasing menace elsewhere in the world. While human being want to liquidate the animal world and establish their own kingdom. What will happen when the animals united and start attacking human beings and make the life miserable to live. Have you ever thought on this matter. Please say something.
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    Animals can never unite and attack human beings. Animals know that there are various organisations to safeguard the animals. Animals survive on the mercy of human beings. Also, Animals have no gun or bomb or tanks or explosives which is abundant with human beings.

    Let us not think about animal unity. They don't have the sixth sense of understanding things like the human beings. So, it is not possible.

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    Only today I have seen crores of crabs on the roads in Australia. Think if they unite and start entering the residential area ?
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    What you have seen cannot be true and live. It could be a graphical work designed and published. There was a film in which flies attack human beings. Animal attack can be an imagination only.

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    That would not happen. The brain of existing animals in this planet is not developed enough to plan attack on humans by getting united. However, with evolution of animal species, such thinking animal may be developed (by natural selection) after may be ten thousand years later.
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    Your thread make me remember the scenes from the movie "Planet of the apes" one of the biggest block buster in hollywood. In the movie "Planet of the apes", All the apes form a team and revolt against humans which lead by a brilliant ape which got intelligence due to medical research. This movie is a clear example of what will happen to us when all the animals got united and fight against humans. It won't be good for us.
    Humans are stronger than animals because of their sixth sense. They know their strength and weakness and know how to use both. If animals recognized their strengths and weakness then we would end up as slaves or worst. Anyhow such things never gonna happen in this world.

    Whatever happens life should move on...
    Thanks Karthik

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    I saw what you saw. It could be true. But the crabs are not moving in a attacking mode. They are shifting their station for their survival. Man will eat away all the crabs. Men will be happy to kill and eat animals like crabs and fishes.

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    Mohan Sir threw a thread "What will happen when the animals get united and attack human beings across the globe?". Our valuable members are saying that its not going to be happen. But I take that since Mohan decided animals got united and attacked human beings across the globe, a new globe would be grown with full of animals, lush green thick forests with huge waterfalls. What a wonderful globe to visualise that is.

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    HAHAHA!! Oh, My God!! What a scenario it would be!! Animals are attacking humans!! Well, this can only be an imagination. No such incident would ever happen even in our wildest dreams. It is a purely hypothetical situation. Your thread reminds me of the movie "Planet of Apes" but what I observed was that those apes are far much better than human beings. If we talk in general, I feel that animals are far better than humans. They are not cruel and mean as humans are. You can simply take an example of a dog, and I think I don't need to say anything further after giving this example because everyone knows the answer to it.

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    We cannot set aside the fact that animals too have the revenge aspect in them and this thread is based on that assumption.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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