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    Why the cases which are simple are not disposed but postponed ?

    If you visit any court either the civil courts, criminal courts or High court or even Supreme court, some cases would be very silly and probably waiting for the accused one or two who may be absconding and the other accused may be sincere and visiting the courts for every date. But just because of those two absconders the sincere others are also made to visit the court now and then only to have future dates. I think judges are well capable to gauge the cases with their own intuition and they can dispose off the cases which merely waste the court time. What do you say ?
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    Our law is very complex one and have lot of pitfalls which mostly misused by people who are powerful in terms of money and political influence. We have seen so many such incidents in the past where cases are postponed for decades. The problem is with the basic mantra of our constitution, "1000 accuses can escape from law but not a single innocent person be punished"
    Our law gave lot of options to prove their innocence and postponed based on their personal needs. But, most of the features are misused by people with political influence.

    Whatever happens life should move on...
    Thanks Karthik

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    Yes this is the sad fact of our judiciary system. This injustice is happen with the poor strata of the Indian society. I had an example a very poor person having no money and sell fruits for a vendor on a kart one day he was blamed of the pocket stealing and caught by the police under the pressure of the complainant police register the FIR and take him to the court where he has to pay Rs. 500 for bail. He failed to pay so he was sent to jail with next date after 2 month. Till next hearing he has to be in jail. How horrible it was! On the day of next hearing court observe that he has on lawyer. Court order to give him layer and gave next date after 2 month and the story goes on. It should be checked out.

    I don't think its a problem with the basic mantra of the constitution. Look how Nobel it is! The problem is with the people who misused the law and the number of such people in India is more who does not respect the law.

    Well done is better than well said

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    Law is designed in such way that guilty should be punished and innocent should survive. Court around the world can let go of 10 guilty to keep 1 innocent alive. That's the cost of justice. Take example of salman khan case we all know he killed people on road, we all know that he killed some animals. Yet in loop holes of law, he managed to escape. Same can be said with the sunjay dutt. He is doing movies and at the same time spending time in jail, how does that work? Cases are never simple as they appear. For example take case of bangalore molestation where woman and her brother in law planned molestation. The case was buried deep. You can take instances of many such cases. They are trialed on the basis of loopholes not justice. If we try to do mob justice with our own logic we will kill more innocent than the guilty.

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