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    Deeply analysing each and every action of people is not good

    I have seen people who analize people very deeply. They analize everything that people say or do. They try to find out if there is any hidden meaning or intentions behind it. Even if people are genuine in when they do something or say something, the one who analizes often interpret things in a bad way thus creating a misunderstanding with that person. Such person will have issues with almost everyone and will not have any good friend because of this nature. I think we should trust people in what they do. I agree some people will not be genuine and eventually they true color will be out in front of others but not everyone will be like that. We should have a good relationship with everyone and enjoy the time spent with them rather than sitting and trying to figure out what the person's false intentions were. We will only lose our peace of mind being like that.
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    Yes. I agree with the title. Deep analysis of each and every action of people is not good. Unless it is so warranted, analysis of each and every action cannot be good for the health of the analyst and for the society. Of course, deep analysis is required to get more information. Here I want to quote an example that in an examination, if a question is given for two marks, what is the main content is enough to write. If the question is given for four marks, over all gist can be given. If the question is given for 20 marks, you have to analyse the data in depth and there should be deep analysis with facts, figures and examples. Likewise for certain people for example: celebrities - may be politician, professional artists, etc,, deep analysis of each and every action of that celebrity is done by the society as they may be inspirations to the society.

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    Yes, it is true that we should not try to judge someone so deeply. Instead, we should have a better understanding of every individual. There should be a good rapport between the two people. An individual who tries to analyze the other person will not find himself to be stable in life at all. He will always feel unsettled and create unwanted enemies in life. And if we talk about trust, then trusting a person to a limit is fine but you should also not trust anyone genuinely or blindly.
    Instead, one should maintain a good relationship with the person you meet in your life and enjoy his/her company to the fullest. By doing so, you will be happy, and peace of mind is guaranteed.

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    Unfortunately we the people have tendency of over indulgence in to the affairs of others and we some times go to such extent that even the said person would not made such an analysis. It really irritates us when some body brings out facts as if we have appointed them to find out defaults in us. The other day I had been to one function and happen to see one of my relative also in that function. He was deeply watching me and made the remark that during the previous function too I wore the same dress. This irritated me. I immediately retarded and chided him as to what makes him uncomfortable with I am wearing the same dress of course after many days. This kind cheap remarks in public would certainly bring them some solace of having cornered others, but they never think for a while that they have hurt them very deep and these kind of behaviors would lead to parting of ways.
    K Mohan
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