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    If Your Life Were A Book, Which Book Would It Be And Why?

    This is a thread created for fun. You are most welcome to share your answer with everyone. I'm sure that the replies posted here are going to bring a smile on everyone's face. I hope this thread will get a good response from all members.
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    If my life changed to a book, surely my choice would be Bhagawat Gita. It is the great epic in which mankind can learn many things. Right from the close relations, the hatred, the cunning policies, the justice, the truth, and above all the presence of Lord Krishna at every crucial stage Pandavas life. Bhagawat Gita is such a pure book even our courts have decided to swear the truth of the convict in the name of this book. A person can bluff in his life and when he is asked to swear in the name of this great book, he is bound to say the truth and the law can interpret. For many Bhagawat Gita is the inspiration for life. Even when a person is down with loss of life of dear one, this Gita can given immense strength to recover and be in main path of life. That is the reason being so when ever funeral takes place and during the journey the Bhagawat Gita is played.
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    If I were a book I would like to be a book on Dumbo, the elephant. Dumbo is a Walt Disney character that has many stories spun around it. This cartoon character was my daughter's favourite when she was a toddler. She never got fed-up of being read Dumbo books to. The interest and the awe this character had created in my child, was remarkable.

    'Dumbo the Flying Elephant' was the book she loved the most. I recall reading the book to her, over and over again. Beautiful memories were created. The dog-eared, well-thumbed book is still in our possession. The best part is that she still remembers the fascination she had for this character, so much so that she presented my husband and me a book on Dumbo on one of our 'special' wedding anniversaries, with beautiful words penned inside.

    There is also the fact that she put a lot of thought and effort into getting us the book, which is another reason why I'd like to be a book on Dumbo.

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    When our daughter was very young (around 2 years old), I purchased an Encyclopedia (for childreen of around 10-12 years). In the book, there is (the book is still with us) a picture of a gorilla in a page. The gorilla fascinated my daughter (most probably she found similarity of facial feature of the gorilla with that of her father). When she grew up, even then she liked the Encyclopedia very much. When I used to return from office, I used to find her observing various pictures. Even she tried to read the book on her own to understand the pictures. She used to ask her mother and me to read the captions of the pictures and describe these animals, plants and celestial bodies to her.

    I wish to become that Encyclopedia.

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    If I have to become a book then I would like to be a nice comedy book which would bring smiles to 1000's of people reading the book.
    There are many people who would love to read comedy books, understand the inner meaning, imagine things the way it is written to enjoy the humour.

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    I would like to be 'Thirukkural' written by Thiruvalluvar. It is a book containing 1330 Kurals in 3 sections(Aram - Porul - Inbam) 133 Chapters (each chapter containing 10 kurals). It is purely a book covering all arenas of life with no reference to any religion. It should be treated as the Holy book by all religions. There is no one in Tamilnadu who doesn't know Thirukkural. Thirukkural has been translated and published inmany national and international languages. I will be very proud to be 'Thirukkural'
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